Saturday, December 5, 2015

WWF Collectibles Bend Ems Faarooq Figure Rare

WWF Faarooq Bend Em Figue MIC
WWF Collectibles are not that hard to find. You can find them online, but what about the older options? Well, that’s what I wanted to discuss in the coming days, aside from the reviews and articles I will be posting on wrestling. One of the series that I picked up in the attitude era was that of WWF Collectible Bend Ems. These are poseable action figures that are made of rubber and very flexible. The goal is to bend them, and pose them.

Today, let’s look at Faarooq Bendem from Series V. When you pick up this action figure, you’ll get Faarooq Bendem from Series V with his Nation of Domination hat in place. For those that don’t remember, this is the faction that launched The Rock’s career after he turned heel against a crowd that was chanting “Die Rocky Die”.

This is only going to go up in price, which is why I’m featuring bend ems over other options right now. Faarooq Bendem from Series V won’t set you back a lot for a near mint option. However, as more and more people start waking up to collectibles right now, the price points are going to get insane. My recommendation is to pick up older WWF collectibles before the resellers and collectors start to drive the price way up.

Interested in picking up Faarooq Bendem from Series V Bend Em? Go here and get it MIC, NEW, before you lose out. While you’re there, pick up other rarities and stay tuned for more updates on WWE, WWF, and other pro-wrestling collectibles.

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