Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WWE Monday Night Raw October 24, 2016 Results and Review The Worst Raw In History

Fat Ass Kevin Owens vs. Crossfit Jesus 
I’ve seen some bad Raw shows before. But this one, via HULU is the absolute worst piece of garbage I’ve ever seen. There are only a few notes that I can bring forward from the HULU version mind you, that I can even comment about. This is a horrendous show, and you know it was, admit it.

WWE Monday Night Raw October 24, 2016 Results

Seth Rollins stole The List of Jericho
Enzo Amore def. Karl Anderson
Cesaro & Sheamus def. Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day
Bayley and Dana Brooke brawled after an arm-wrestling match
Bo Dallas def. Curtis Axel
The Golden Truth def. The Shining Stars
Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair signed their Hell in a Cell contract
Rich Swann def. Brian Kendrick
Braun Strowman refused to battle Sami Zayn
Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman responded to Goldberg
Seth Rollins def. WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

WWE Monday Night Raw October 24, 2016 Review

The above represents the full show, but guess what? Hulu completely neutered this, for better or worse. Whatever the case is, here are my highlights because I don’t want to relive anything here.

The List of Jericho is Over

Who would’ve thought that in 2016, the List of Jericho is more over than 90 percent of the roster? When Kevin Owens finally shows up on the List of Jericho, things are going to absolutely blow up. I can’t wait for that, it’s going to be epic, no doubt.

Sasha Banks Is Annoying As All Hell

Let me ask this, why is Charlotte and Sasha Banks fighting in Hell in A Cell? Why? Is it because they couldn’t get a finish to their match? Were they interfering with each other’s matches? Were they beating up the ref? Were they bloody or hitting each other with chairs? Nope. It’s just a matter of “history”? Spare me. This is a stupid, stupid, idiot move by the creative team. These two can go, but honestly, they don’t need the cage, unless there’s going to be blood.

Brock Lesnar Promo

No promo. From what I read, Vince blew a gasket and ended this. Paul Heyman also admitted that the promo sucked. Lesnar was supposed to get booed, he didn’t.

Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

This was a saving grace, but the wrong guy went over. Seth Rollins is being booked as Super Cena, and I hate that. He should’ve taken a loss because Jericho and Owens teamed up against him. Nope. Instead, we get a lackluster main event, with some interesting spots, and fat ass Kevin Owens power bombing Cross Fit Jesus into the apron. Who cares.

Match Rating: 3 out of 5

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