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WWE Monday Night Raw April 17, 2017 Results and Review Same Old SHIZNIT

Monday Night Raw 
If you were looking for Monday Night Raw to follow up on their previous booking, don’t look for it here. This night in Ohio had a lot of flaws, with a few cool matches to book. Overall, this is not a great Raw, but you know what? Perhaps you thought differently. Let’s discuss it, or rather let me write about it to an audience of no one.

WWE Monday Night Raw April 17, 2017 Results

Samoa Joe defeated Chris Jericho
The Club Sandwich Boys defeated Enzo and Big Cass
Dean Ambrose beat Up The Miz
Tj Perkins defeated Jack Gallagher
Alexa Bliss defeated Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, and Mickie James for the No. 1 Contender Spot
Finn Balor defeated Curt Hawkins
Jeff Hardy defeated Cesaro
Big Show vs. Braun Showman ended in a no contest

WWE Monday Night Raw April 17, 2017 Review

First and foremost, the show opened with Brown Shoeman getting an uproarious ovation for taking out Roman Reigns. He was getting so much cheers, he almost broke character several times. It was insane how much praise he was getting in the opening segment. That prompted Kurt Angle to give him a match against Roman Reigns for Payback in a couple of weeks.

Samoa Joe defeated Chris Jericho

Another burial. Ok, maybe it wasn’t as bad as some other matches, but Samoa Joe easily defeated Chris Jericho after figuring out a few of the key elements of Jericho’s game. Jericho is way over, and that was fun. His interaction with the Drifter backstage was great too. Joe wins, and I’m not sure what’s to go down next.

The Club Sandwich Boys defeated Enzo and Cass

Brian Zane of wrestling with wregret fame tried to argue with me about Cass. I’m going to reiterate yet again, HE IS NOT world title material, and he is not going to become the next Stone Cold. He is NOT the same caliber of talent. I like the guy enough, but if him and Enzo keep getting mauled in the tag division, like they did against the Club Sandwhich boys, it’s going to be dreadful. This match was lame. I hope to never see it again.

Dean Ambrose on Miz TV

The Miz didn’t say anything that we already didn’t know. Dean Ambrose sucks. He plays dumb, and is collecting a giant paycheck, then going home to bang Renee Young. Lucky bastard. Ok, maybe he deserves it, but then again, I could go with Jennifer White for an hour for $1200 so maybe it’s not about luck, it’s about money. Dean Ambrose beats up the Miz, and that’s that.

Tj Perkins defeated Jack Gallagher

Gallagher went from contending for the Cruiserweight Title to losing to Perkins. Perkins is heel now, and that makes him better, all of a sudden? Ok. Not a great match, Gallagher’s same formulaic matches are starting to bore me.

Alexa Bliss defeated Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, and Mickie James

Now this was a boring match for the most part, then things started to pick up towards the end. I didn’t peg Bliss to win this one, and when she came roaring into the match and beat up Sasha Banks, I marked out huge. Bliss seems like a really cool chick, and am glad that she got a hometown win. She will face Bayley, in Bayley’s home town, so that will be a good match, I hope.

Finn Balor buried Curt Hawkins

I’m a Curt Hawkins fan, I’m sorry, I like him. He calls out anyone in the back, and Finn Balor comes out. He has a serious look on his face and then drops Hawkins into oblivion with some insane dropkicks and of course, his finisher. Hawkins gets buried for the second week in a row, but man, what a way to go out. I loved it.

Jeff Hardy defeated Cesaro

Jeff Hardy is such a great talent. Cesaro and him put on a fine display, and perhaps the best match of the night. Hardy is impressive here, and Cesaro is always fun to watch. What can I say, this was a delight to watch.

The Big Show vs. Brown Shoeman ended in a no Contest

Here’s where I find serious issue. Why is Braun Strowman having such a hard time against The Big Show? He should be mauling him, but that’s not what we get. Strowman fights hard to get through this one, and the ending comes with the two crashing onto the mat and the ring breaking. The same spot we’ve seen many times before. Michael Cole also said that the Big Show used to have an elbow drop from the top as his finisher, which is wrong. He did have a dropkick off the top, but when he made it to WWE they told him not to do anything off the ground. Then they buried him, sending him to OVW to retrain. Strowman got up and the announcers sold it like he was the second coming of Hercules Hernandez. Whatever. I am not sold on Strowman because he’s going to get buried by Roman Reigns in a couple of weeks. Oh well.

Raw was not great, but it wasn’t terrible. I’m tired of the lazy booking, but hey, that’s just what happens. I had a fun time watching, so maybe it wasn’t half bad after all.

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