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WWE Monday Night Raw July 31, 2017 Results and Review The Backwards Showcase

Samoa Joe Looked Like A Chump - SRC 
I finally am sitting down to review the show, and despite the fact that I don’t have many readers, It was important for me to get through this one. Why? Because I need something to vent my displeasure with how WWE Raw went down this week. I saw the HULU version, but it felt like it was 9 hours long, and despite the fact that the feed only has a select amount of information in the 90 minutes, it didn’t feel shorter for some reason. With that in mind, let’s consider what went down, and how I felt about it, because this is a site where I discuss pro wrestling from WWE, and well that’s about it.

WWE Monday Night Raw July 31, 2017 Results and Review

From the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, there was NO ECW chants that I recall, meaning the crowd is definitely not what they used to be, that’s for sure.

Kurt Angle came out only to get interrupted by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. They said that they were going to quit if Lesnar lost at Summerslam. They aren’t going to lose, mind you.

The Hardy Boyz defeated The Club Sandwich Guys

Well, the Club are officially a bunch of nerds. They lose again, and while the Revival and the Club decided to try and beat up the Hardy’s they couldn’t get it done. Team Extreme once again buries the young talent, and that’s the end of that. I can only hope that they become broken.

Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, and Akira Tozawa defeated TJP, Ariya Daivari, and Tony Nese

This was not on HULU

Jason Jordan on Miz TV

What a load of garbage. Jason Jordan gives an Angle Slam, I think, to the Miz into the Miztourage, and that was that. Jordan is not ready for this push.

Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus

This was a boring match, that led to Sheamus and Cesaro beating up Rollins. Dean Ambrose ran down to help him out. This made no sense. Ambrose said that he was going to go his own way, and Rollins would have to go his own way, but here he is saving the day for some reason. This makes absolutely no sense to me folks. Why would he do this? He shouldn’t care about Rollins, as it’s none of his business. But alas, he ran down, and the two tried to beat up the champions. This made no sense.

Finn Balor attacked Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt rambles on and on, and said that no one can beat him, etc. I don’t know who to cheer for here, the Wyatt character sucks, but you know what? Alex Wright 2.0 is worth checking out, so maybe he’ll do well in this feud.

Roman Reigns defeated Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman

Of course he did. I didn’t like this match at all, as Joe looked weak and so did Strowman. Strowman made quick work of Joe, and Reigns was able to get the big win after hitting Strowman with the steel steps. Joe really got booted here, from the start, making him look weak amidst the other guys. This should’ve been the main event, but alas, it wasn’t. This was a good television match, but man, I wish Joe didn’t look so much like a chump here.

Elias defeated Kalisto

This wasn’t shown on HULU

Bayley defeated Nia Jax via Count Out

This wasn’t shown on HULU

Big Cass defeated Big Show via Disqualification

This was a boring, terrible match. Big Cass has new boring music, Big Show got winded fast, and Enzo came out to try and beat up Cass, only to get booted and knocked out. Cass then got hit in the face with that knockout punch, and that was it. That’s your Raw.

This was a boring episode of Raw, with little to no action in my view. Yes, there were some good moments, like the Hardy’s getting the best of the other teams, and watching Rollins get beat up by Cesaro and Sheamus. However, nothing that happened on this show hyped me up for Summerslam, which is the main goal of Raw right now, right? Ugh, this was a boring, flat show with a lot of boring moments, including that terrible main event. Why would they put Cass and Show on last? It makes no sense. What a terrible night of pro wrestling, if you can call it that.

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