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WWE Monday Night Raw September 11, 2017 Results and Review A Lopsided Show of Burials

John Cena defeated Brown Shoeman via DQ - SRC WWE DOT COM
Live from Anaheim, California, Monday Night Raw came through and it wasn’t half bad, but it wasn’t half good either. There’s a lot to consider on this show, so I’ll review the HULU version of this show. Raw is very hit or miss, and while I didn’t get to travel to Anaheim for the show, I saw it this morning and drank a beer for breakfast. So let’s discuss the night via HULU’s version of Monday Night Raw for September 11, 2017.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 11, 2017 Results and Review

We got a moment of silence for September 11, 2017. So I won’t say anything about it. Let’s pause.

Roman Reigns defeated Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan once again pushed through the offense of Roman Reigns and delivered a great deal of offense. I was impressed with him, even though the audience may not have cared that much. His rolling Northern Lights Suplex is incredible, and it’s an absolute great thing to watch. Reigns eventually put him away, with a lot of great shots, and his standard offense, but Jordan was not a slouch here, and I liked that. Good work from Jordan, and good for Reigns as well, but the crowd wasn’t into this one. Too bad, it wasn’t a bad match.

John Cena Buries Roman Reigns on the MIC

Once again John Cena buries Roman Reigns on the mic after the match. Oh boy.

Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman Brawl

Paul Heyman came out and started to talk about the upcoming match up that they will have in Los Angeles. Lesnar got beat down, and it was embarrassing. I’m going to predict that the match ends in a disqualification, and Lesnar does not lose his title. I’m so tired of Brock.

Bray Wyatt defeated Goldust

This was not shown on HULU

The Raw Tag Division Brawled

If by division you just mean 2 teams, then yes. Only 2 teams were brawling, maybe 3, but that’s it. That’s the whole division? Ok.

Elias defeated Kalisto

Isn’t Kalisto under 205 pounds? Why is he not on 205 Live? Anyways, this wasn’t shown on HULU.

John Cena defeated Braun Strowman via Disqualification

Not a bad match, if you like Strowman bulldozing Cena. That’s all this was, the majority of the match was Strowman beating down Cena and bouncing back from the offense that the guy threw at him. Cena won via disqualification.

Sasha Banks defeated Emma

This was not shown on HULU

The Miz and Maryse Is Having A Child

Miz TV started and announced that the couple will be having a kid. Good for them. Maryse is beautiful and Miz deserves his success, and obviously having a kid is awesome.

Enzo Amore defeated The Miz via Diqualification

Enzo won this match, but only because he got beat down a great deal. The Miz ran Enzo down on the mic though, and it wasn’t half bad, but this match was another burial of Enzo.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins with The Hardy Boyz defeated Cesaro, Sheamus, Luke Gallows, and Ken Anderson

This wasn’t a half bad match, but the Club Sandwich boys again lose thanks to the former champs running away. Ambrose and Rollins were great, The Hardys are always fun to see, and that’s about it. This wasn’t bad, unless you’re a Club fan, because they got buried yet again.

That’s about it. The show was like a mayonnaise sandwich without a lot of great wrestling. But it was entertaining enough for me to comment on these things briefly. If you saw it, then you know, this wasn’t a bad show, but it wasn’t great either. A little action here was fun, but overall, nothing really got me interested, other than the possibility of a Braun Strowman championship run. Other than that, meh.

This isn’t a show that you have to see. But it’s one that was a little better than the past few weeks.

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