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WWE Monday Night Raw September 4, 2017 Results and Review Still Too Long of A Show

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WWE Monday Night Raw was live from Omaha, and while this is the HULU review, I can’t say that I was fully entertained by the condensed version. Why? There was a lot of filler. I could not believe how much filler was placed in the 90 minutes that the show ran. I now present to you the following run down of what I remember from the show, which I just watched this morning. I couldn’t sleep last night, and all I could think about was reviewing this, and posting reviews on other pages, etc. So here we go, the night of wrestling based on the HULU edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 5, 2017 Results and Review

John Cena defeated Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan has a lot of talent, I will not take that away from him. However, the people do not care for him, even though he put on a showcase with Cena. Cena is always interesting to watch, especially this late in his career. Jordan got close several times, but perhaps the best spot here was the rolling Northern Lights Suplex to Bridge and pin combination. How Cena kicked out of that one is insane, since it looked devastating. I loved it. Cena wins, of course, but wow, Jordan still can’t get over.

Roman Reigns showed up and tried to trash talk Cena, but was still lambasted by John Cena.

Cesaor and Sheamus defeated Slater and Rhyno

HULU did not show this.

The Miz defeated Jeff Hardy

Not a bad match, but far from the best that these two can throw together. Hardy loses clean here, even after the Miz’s friends and Matt Hardy were thrown out. Not much to say here, a good overall match, but not the best. It was quick and easy for The Miz to get this win, even though Hardy is still looking good out there.

Enzo Amore, Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik defeated Noam Dar, Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak

HULU did not show this.

Bray Wyatt Showed Up For A Promo

This was dumb. Wyatt challenged Balor, at No Mercy. Ok. I still think Finn is lesser than Alex Wright.

Nia Jax and Emma defeated Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks

This was not a half bad match, but it was really the Nia Jax showcase. She was shown strong against Bliss and Banks, while Emma was getting a lot of the punishment from the unlikely pairing. Jax would get the final laugh, beating up everyone, and dropping people with her Samoan Drop. It was a fun little match, which will cause a 4-way for the title at No Mercy. This was ok at best, but it was entertaining enough.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeated The Club Sandwich Boys

HULU did not show this match.

Braun Strowman defeated The Big Show in a Steel Cage Match

This was a good overall match, with Strowman getting the big win. However, Show threw out some top rope moves, took a superplex, and finally a running power slam. Strowman looked strong in defeat, and then threw Show through the side of the cage. This wasn’t half bad, but it didn’t really impress me, since I know far too much about WWE has treated show when he came in. His run in WCW was great, with him doing missile dropkicks from the top rope.

Overall, Raw was in holiday mode. This was a boring night of wrestling, with a few highlights, but overall, it’s a throwaway show with a few good points. I liked the main event, and the women’s match, but that’s about it. I won’t remember this show for anything too crazy, that’s for sure.

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