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WWE Smackdown Live September 5, 2017 Results and Review The Longest 2 Hours Ever

Dolph Ziggler Was Lame On Smackdown - SRC WWE DOT COM
I had a lot of work to do before I could watch this show. I did manage to get my work done, and I sat through what seemed like the longest 2 hours of wrestling. I wanted to bang my head against the wall, and the highlight for me was simple, my other half asked me, “Shane McMahon looks roided out, and he’s getting botox too”, and that’s that. Hilarious.

WWE Smackdown Live September 5, 2017 Results and Review

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens Fought Each Other.

The opening was supposed to be the women’s match, but instead, Owens came out and started to talk on the mic about Shane McMahon. Well, before that, he said he would be the special guest referee. But that didn’t happen. McMahon and Owens jabbed on the mic, and then the two started brawling. McMahon vs. Owens will occur, and I’m not happy about it. What a waste of talent.

Natalya defeated Carmella

A roll up. That’s what happened after James Ellsworth distracted things by dropping the Money In The Bank Briefcase. That led Carmella to get on the mic and yell at him, and said they were finish. He was left crying. Natalya is good, but in this match, she wasn’t that great. A roll up? Really? Sigh.

Aiden English defeated Sami Zayn

Oh man, another roll up! What a waste of both talents. I loved the Vaudevillains, and when I saw them at NXT Takeover, I thought for sure they would get a big push in the main event, but alas, nope.

Shane McMahon was suspended indefinitely.

This was dumb. McMahon is suspended, oh well. Vince McMahon will be on Smackdown next week, in Las Vegas!

Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger

This was a lousy match. Tye Dillinger didn’t come out with his full entrance. Not only that, Corbin was loose and sloppy with his moves. Aj Styles was on commentary, and I think that Corbin is supposed to be next fighting him for the title, but of course, he is not going to get that match until Dilllinger gets a shot next week. This was a boring match, and the Corbin train is done for me.

Carmella Kissed James Ellsworth

Ellsworth must’ve loved this. I would have killed to be in that position, and that’s rad. Oh and he got slapped. But he also got one hell of a kiss, which is what I wish I could get from Carmella. Just saying.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Randy Orton

Throughout the night we had vignettes from the two, and they were awkward and terrible. This match wasn’t half bad, but it also wasn’t great. Jinder was watching on, and he cut a promo backstage. Nakamura is great, but only when he’s with good talent, and Orton was up to par. Orton was phoning it in as usual, and after some back and forth, it was Nakamura that got the big win.

The end, right? Yeah, this was a lousy show. Oh! Oh!

Dolph ZIggler Came Out

He was supposed to be doing a new gimmick. Instead he cut a heel promo and then walked away. It’s time for him to get fired. This was a waste.

In this 2 hour show, we had 2 roll ups, a lousy finish with Dillinger, and Nakamura beating Orton to go on to face Jinder Mahal again. Sigh. Just Sigh, this was a terrible night of wrestling, if you can call it that. At least Raw had some good wrestling. Tonight, it wasn’t grand, it just wasn’t grand at all.

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