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ALL In 2018 Results and Review The Hype I Ended Up Missing

All In September 1, 2018 Review 
I had tickets to All In, I had an option to go, and ended up having to stay home. I didn’t have enough money to get there, so I wasted my time getting tickets, and trying to see it. So instead, I ended up seeing it at home, and well, here are my thoughts not he show that was.

For the record, I was at When World’s Collide, so this would have had to be quite good to top that, and well, we shall see, won’t we. This is my take on the All In 2018 Show.

I did not see the battle royal etc.

Matt Cross defeated MJF

The show began with a couple of guys that I didn’t know. These two guys I am not sure were big, or anything, so I don’t know what to say about them. This was a nice back and forth match, with some nice action including some high spots, which were great to go through. Some great options to see what the independent talent had to throw at the audience. Good pacing, and a shooting star press to end things outright. Good stuff, nice opener.

Cristopher Daniels defeated Stephen Amell

Jerry Lynn was the ref and he made a discretionary call at one point. It was fun. Anyways, this match was good, with Amell throwing down a lot against Daniels, and Lynn at one point taking off his ref’s jersey and pushed Daniels at one point. Amell flew across the ring at one point and even flew down off the top through a table which was great. After the best moonsault ever, Amell gets pinned, and that was that. Good stuff here.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Brit Baker, Madison Rayne, and Chelsea Rayne

I love Tessa Blanchard, I think she’s absolutely awesome, and hot. I’d love to meet her one day. She is hot, and talented, and well, wow. Her hammerlock DDT was awesome, and she won this match. The four women put on a show, and while it had a few botches, I found the match to be fun to watch, and good to work through. They really did a good job, even if it wasn’t the best match overall. I liked it.

Cody Rhodes defeated Nick Aldis

This match was ok, but at one point Cody Rhodes threw a super kick and completely missed! I kid you not, this was a bad botch, and one really talked about how awful it was. Aldis was able to thwart Rhodes a lot in this match and it was interesting to see how he would react to the push that Rhodes was throwing into the frame. This was not the best match I’ve seen from Cody Rhodes at all, and yet it was ok to watch. He would get the win after a lot of back and forth, and this was a slow moving, entertaining match, but honestly, it was nothing grand. I’ve seen better from him, but hey, in front of 9,999 people that’s not bad. Remember, I wasn’t there, so they can’t claim 10,000, I was not there.

Hangman Page defeated Joey Janela in A Chicago Street Fight

Janela and Page threw down in this street fight, and it was great. Lots of action, and eventually some tables breaking, some unnecessary bumps and a lot more, it was just great. This was the most fun that I got from the show, and these guys really put on a showcase of great work. Lots of back and forth, nice use of tables, and Page really throwing Janela across many different areas. Great stuff.

Joey Ryan defeated Hangman Page

This was odd. A bunch of druids in Penis outfits came out and Joey beat up Hangman, then went away. This was odd.

Jay Lethal defeated Flip Gordon

Flip Gordon is one hell of a wrestler at such a young age, and with not a ton of experience. Jay Lethal threw down a great performance as Black Machismo, which I loved. The match was a mix of styles, with Macho, I mean Jay Lethal focusing on wrestling a more steady style. Lanny Poffo was there too, and that was fun. The match ended with the Lethal Injection, and that was that. Not a terrible match, but it felt a bit flat at times.

After the match, we saw Bully Ray run down and start beating up Flip Gordon and Jay Lethal. He then kicked Lanny Poffo in the nuts! Bully Ray setup a table and was definitely going to get his way here. In the midst of this, Colt Cabana ran down to try and stop Ray, and he did. Cabana then helped the guys throw Bully Ray through a table and that was that.

Kenny Omega defeated Penta Zero

This was one hell of a fight. Both guys threw down all of the offense that they could create, and yet it was not enough for Zero to win. Omega kept selling the arm after getting it locked into the finisher from Zero. It was a fun romp, with lots of back and forth, with some great moves, including all of Omega’s good options. All of the Penta stuff, and a fight for the ages, and it was fun. Omega would get the win with the One Winged Angel after about 3 V triggers.

The lights went out and, in the ring Penta stood up out of nowhere. But it wasn’t Penta at all. It was none other than Chris Jericho! Jericho would come in and have an awesome Judas shirt on and it was absolutely grand. He was able to throw down and then got on the mic and it was awesome!

Okada defeated Marty Scurll

I’ve seen some great Okada matches, and this was not one of them. I recall seeing him against Zack Sabre Junior and was blown away. This did not blow me away at all. Not even a little. This was a slow paced, slow moving, somewhat boring match that was phoned in by Okada at times. Scurll took a lot of punishment towards the end, and by the time I was ready to give up, the two managed to draw me in, as The Villain really took on a new life towards the end. Two rain makers alter, and kaboom, Okada pulls out the win. This was NOT as good as any other match I’ve seen from Okada. Scurll threw down some nice offense, though, so for that, I’ll give this match some credit, but this was fairly not as good.

The Golden Elite defeated Rey Mysterio, Fenix, and Bandido

I am so impressed that Rey Mysterio is still able to move with such speed. Ibushi and Mysterio were able to hold for hold, and Mystery, dressed like Wolverine was impressive here. I couldn’t believe how good he was. The thing that you would expect from these six men is what you got. You got all sorts of action, and you got a lot of high spots from everyone. So many high flying moves, so many high impact options, and just insane things that you would expect. Sometimes, psychology would get thrown out of the window, mind you, but it’s expected right? After Stereo Superkicks to everyone, we would get multiple moonsaults, and then a 450 splash and this thing was nearly done. Of course, The Meltzer Driver put away Mystery, Fenix, and Bandido, and that was that. The end of the show.

As far as a show, this wasn’t terrible. I didn’t hate it. The show ended fast, it had 3 seconds to go, and that was that. They cut it very close to the end, but they gave a good amount of entertainment.

Was this better than anything WWE did?


Was it worth the hype?


Did I miss it? 

Yes. I lost money on this event.

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