Monday, October 8, 2007

No Jericho, Orton Champ? This Sucks

First and foremost I'm NOT a big Randy Orton fan. I think he's a horrible wrestler, and a horrible actor, and beating down legends is a stupid way to get over.

However, given the state of wrestling right now, I like this. I like that John Cena, the wwe's poster boy is out of the picture.

I like that HHH & Orton are in the title picture, and that there's opportunities for some variety in the WWE. A heel champion means that a face will have to chase the title, and most likely get it within now and wrestlemania.

As for Jericho, all the internet sites were talking about how he was going to come out and surprise everyone.


I totally didn't fall for that piece of junk news, and continued to maintain my purpose in regards to waiting to see what happens.

Orton will most likely come out and say "I told you so" tonight on Raw, only to get interrupted by THE GAME and then the fight is on.

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