Saturday, September 15, 2007

Matt Hardy & MVP Again?

This bores me folks. Why is Matt Hardy, one half of the amazing Hardy Boyz spending his time with MVP? MVP hasn't had a good match ever.

Well that Basketball game was cool, you know the one where he got the beat down by Duece and Domino?

Anyways, Hardy has been chasing the U.S Title for what seems like forever, and MVP just somehow holds on to it like he's the god of it, and no one cares!

No one cares that he's the champion, no one cares that the two are tag team champions and it makes me sad to have to watch the division of tag wrestlers go down in flames with these "hot shot" combinations of teams that make no sense to me.

It makes me sad.

WWE please bring back the tag division like it used to be.

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