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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/31/12 Results and Review Last Time in 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/31/12 Results

John Cena and The Miz def. Team Rhodes Scholars by John Cena
United States Championship: Champion’s Choice: Antonio Cesaro (c) def. Sgt. Slaughter
WWE Tag Team Championship: Champion’s Choice: Team Hell No (c) def. 3MB (with Jinder Mahal)
Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler (with AJ Lee & Big E. Langston)
World Heavyweight Championship: Champion’s Choice: Big Show (c) def. Ricardo Rodriguez (with Alberto Del Rio)
Intercontinental Championship: Champion’s Choice: Wade Barrett def. Kofi Kingston

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/31/12 Review

The last Raw of 2012 was shown last night and it was quite interesting to say the least. There were some rough spots, but there were some great moments if you managed to see the whole thing.

The first thing that fans were treated to was MIZTV with John Cena only to get interrupted by Team Rhodes Scholars and that set up the night of wrestling. It was an interesting start and Miz is starting to possibly pull the fans a little.

The talking points were not that great, and I didn't like a lot of it. Mae Young showed up, some throwback moments were mentioned and well amidst a New Year's party the matches were set and random things happened.

CM Punk vs Rock Set Up Begins

Vince McMahon came out and stopped Punk's talking, and while Punk got to verbally berate the CEO or whatever his position is now, and it was nice to set up. The move would create an interesting match for the night and next week. Ryback will fight Cm Punk in a TLC match next week which is going to be an amazing night of wrestling. That's the big thing, especially since the Rock is going to be on the show.

Will the Rock interfere in the match? I think we might see something interesting develop. Or will the Shield attack Rock? That's for next week.

Match Commentary

Antonio Cesaro put a serious hurting on Sgt. Slaughter which was cool to see, even though Cesaro is wavering with the fans at this point.

Cena and Miz in a tag team was actually over which was nice. I didn't think the match was that great, but I was impressed with Cena. He has more moves than the last time I seriously watched him wrestle.

The tag title match was not half bad with 3MB getting a shot at the dysfunctional team. The match was ok, and I like the way 3MB is booked to be hated.

Sheamus was a great opponent for Dolph Ziggler and it showed. I thought the match was a great example of how Ziggler and Sheamus are defintielty theh future of the company in many ways. I'm interest in seeing here Big E. Langston is going to do in the future. The Shield stop the finish, and they still seem cool to me, like the NWO.

Big Slow bored me.

Wade Barrett Intercontinental Championship
Img src wwe.com
The Match of the NIGHT! 

Wade Barrett and Kofi put on a great showcase of wrestling. The two fought a good overall match and Barrett finally showed me something great. His losing streak in the latter of 2012 was done, and Kofi looked to bring out the best in the brawler, but it was Barrett's night with a good overall match up. Barrett is the NEW Intercontinental Champion!

What are your thoughts? Did you like Raw?

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