Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Chris Jericho Won't Save Us

With a thin roster, and poor ratings, can Y2J really save the WWE?

I don't think so.

Here's two quick reasons why 1 Man can not save the WWE right now:

1. Jericho is old. That's right, he's older, not as agile, and relatively not that good anymore. Jericho is good when he has a good amount of talent to work with, and right now what is going to do? Feud with Orton? Wrestle HHH again for millionth time? He's older, and therefore is not going to be pushing the limits. In fact, he's never really pushed the limits to begin with.

2. Jericho is NOT HOGAN! Remember when Hogan went to WCW how much WCW grew from a smaller east coast based promotion into a huge force in the media and ratings? Remember when Hogan turned heel? Remember the NWO angle? Yes! Those things saved WCW when they weren't doing well. Y2J is huge, but does not possess that kind of prowess with the fans. He just doesn't.

I like Jericho, however, only as a cruiserweight or midcard level. I don't like his heavyweight, slower style. I just don't like it. I'd rather see him feud with Carlito or something. Have Carlito's cabana interrupted by Jericho, only to set off a feud.

Then slowly get Jericho into the main event spot, but not right away.

He's expected to show up on Monday.

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