Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WWE NXT 8/31/10 Results and Review

WWE NXT 8/31/10 Results

Alex Riley defeated Kaval and Mike McGullicutty

WWE NXT Review

The show opened up with all three rookies getting announced to them that they will have a triple threat match tonight.

First things first, Kaval shoved Miz and Riley got thrown out of the ring.

Alex Riley defeated Kaval and Mike McGullicutty

Kaval, Riley, and McGullicutty put on the performance of their life. They had a lot of points in this match that were quite good, and did not showcase their "rookie" status. Kaval looked like a veteran in there against two larger guys. I hated Michael Cole's commentary, but other than that, this match was a strong opener and strong match none the less. Alex Riley looked like he was the odd man out here, but it was Alex Riley that took advantage of the triple threat rules and won this match after throwing Kaval out of the ring. Riley looks like a great person to win, Kaval looked great, and Mike? I'm not sure about him.

Goldust will be a pro for the all divas Season 3?!? WOW! FINALLY GOLDUST IS NOW A PRO! HAHAH!

Kaval wins NXT Season 2. That's right.

Cole still sucks.

Laycool looks hot.

The NXT rookies jumped Kaval..and that was it.

I'm so tired of NXT.

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