Friday, September 17, 2010

WWE Superstars 9/16/10 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 9/16/10 Results

Santino & Kozlov defeated The Usos
The Great Khali defeated Primo
MVP defeated Luke Gallows

WWE Superstars 9/16/10 Review

For those wondering, I hate NXT this season and will not review it or watch it. FU WWE!

Santino & Kozlov defeated The Usos

Why even hire the USOS? They lose again in a somewhat competitive match up. Santino and Kozlov are ona winning streak and why not? Might as well make them the tag champions. I hated this, but you know? What else would I get? Whatever.

The Great Khali defeated Primo

The Great Khali completely destroyed Primo. It was awesome. I like Khali when he's just super dominant. I love his music too. Primo is on his way out...face it.

MVP defeated Luke Gallows

I'm not sure anyone that would put their money on Luke gallows in this match up. Whatever the case, MVP won with the Playmaker. MVP is still somewhat popular too. I liked it. MVP wins.

Superstars was just straightforward wrestling, and that's what I like about the show. There were a lot of recaps, but whatever, i liked this. SES might be on their way out by the way.

Just sayin.

I'll return shortly, or longer with a TNA Impact Report.

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