Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Hypocrisy of Vince McMahon

Vinnie Mac was on Raw this week talking about how the WWE is family entertainment and isn’t a blood sport. He was referring to the fact that fans wanted Rybak to destroy Kofi Kingston on a previous edition of the WWE’s programs, and the crowd reacted with a great deal of chanting. Sure, McMahon is playing a role here, but what about the utter hypocrisy of the WWE at this point.

How are they hypocritical, and more importantly, how is McMahon’s words coming back to prove that the company doesn’t know how to entertain their older audience of, dare I say, smart wrestling fans? Well, he once again was pushing that “family” business, entertainment button, but the big main event that is coming up at Payback is that of John Cena battling Rybak (aka Bully Ray 2.0) in a 3 stages of hell match. Obviously there will be no blood, but the match will definitely call for some risky moves from both guys. Of course Superman, I mean John Cena will win out, but it’s this type of hypocritical thinking that is getting me back into wrestling.

I know, this all sounds stupid, and it’s not well written at all, but then again, since when is Sir Jorge’s WWE blog ever well written?

The point is that the family entertainment moniker that Vince was playing on during his speech on Raw doesn’t bode well for the present or future. I for one miss the blood days, and wish the crimson mask token wasn’t only spoken about Kane.

With that in mind, I’ll continue to ponder the notion of the hypocrisy of Vinnie Mac, since the “blood sport” that isn’t his business, sure seemed that way throughout Raw. With one major exception, the Divas boring match up. What a load of nonsense. Did you hear how quiet the announcers got, and how quiet the crowd was? It was definitely some of the worst aspects of Raw.

I’ll have more thoughts on Raw, and blog updates as I move forward with posting things on this site.

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