Thursday, August 11, 2016

WWE Cruiserweight Classic August 11, 2016 Results and Review: Epic Battles Begin

If you have the WWE Network, then you better check out the WWE Cruiserweight classic. They are putting on a showcase of good wrestling. This week’s episode is absolutely brilliant, and if you saw it, then you know exactly what happened. Here are a few notes that I took from the excellent episode.

WWE Cruiserweight Classic August 11, 2016 Results

Gran Metalik def. Tajiri (Second Round Match)
Kota Ibushi def. Cedric Alexander (Second Round Match)

WWE Cruiserweight Classic August 11, 2016 Review

Gran Metalik defeated Tajiri

Tajiri and Metalik put on a showcase of strong style and lucha libre counters. The two went toe to toe with lucha style offense at first, then turned into something altogether new. They meshed well and I was absolutely impressed with how good the two worked together. Tajiri, I thought was going to win, but nope, it was the young Mexican that got the win. I hope that the WWE doesn’t sour on the Lucha Libre guys like they have on the main roster, it’s been terrible there. This was great though.

Match Rating: 3 out of 5

Kota Ibushi defeated Cedric Alexander

This was an epic battle. The two worked very well together, and I wasn’t sold at first. But mid-way through the match, the in ring psychology of these two shown. Someone actually got out of the way of a high flyer. Someone actually reversed the through the ropes options, and the two tradred counters quite well. Alexander is a superstar in my book. There was an incredible brainbuster towards the end that sold me on this one. The brainbuster that Alexander gave Ibushi was enough to give him a contract in my book. Ibushi got the win, but not without enduring one of the hardest fought battles I’ve ever seen in WWE in a long time. Not since Ziggler versus Rey Mysterio at Night of Champions have I’ve seen something this grand.

Match Rating: 5 out of 5

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