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WWE Smackdown Live August 23, 2016 Results: Ziggler Has To be Done Now

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One of the coolest things about having Hulu is that you can watch the full broadcast of Smackdown Live. That’s more than I can say about WWE Raw. However, Raw sucks compared to the work that is being put into Smackdown right now. So here we go, a few notes and things from the broadcast of Smackdown Live that was done this past Tuesday.

WWE Smackdown Live August 23, 2016 Results

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan unveiled the SmackDown Women’s and Tag Team Championships
Becky Lynch def. Alexa Bliss
The Usos def. The Ascension in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament Match
Bryan made a match between AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler with major Backlash implications
Carmella ambushed Nikki Bella’s return to SmackDown Live
Bray Wyatt began to prey on The Viper
American Alpha def. Breezango in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament Match
AJ Styles def. Dolph Ziggler

WWE Smackdown Live August 23, 2016 Review

Not that you need me to say it again, but I don’t run down the full card, I just talk about the things I recall and remember. I don’t take notes anymore, because no one cares about long winded trash talk that I can throwdown, obviously.

Becky Lynch def. Alexa Bliss

I was in the supermarket and found that Alexa Bliss was on the cover of Women’s Fitness, which is rad. But then why would you have her lose here? I don’t know why, but what I do know is that Alexa Bliss loses to Becky Lynch, even though Lynch has been on a downward spiral in the women’s division. I’m sure the Feminazis on twitter are going to be mad that this match wasn’t the main event of Smackdown. A quick match with a boring finish.

Match Rating: 2 out of 5

Heath Slater Steals The Show Again

Heath Slater is gold. He has the fans behind him, and this time around he gets another chance of being a Smackdown roster member. How is he going to have to do it? Well, he had to find a tag team partner tonight and in order to get a contract, he will need to win the tag team tournament with his partner. Through the night he was shown trying to convince people to team with him. Of course, he couldn’t find anyone, until out of nowhere comes Rhyno! Heath Slater and Rhyno are a team and if Slater can win the tag team tournament, he’ll get a Smackdown contract.

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Randy Orton looked like a chump

Randy Orton got punked out by Bray Wyatt. The same Bray Wyatt that loses every feud. You know, the guy that has been injured so many times, it’s starting to be funny. Orton looked like a chump. Who cares.

Aj Styles BURIED Dolph Ziggler

JBL said it best when he said that Ziggler can’t win the big matches. Well here he had a chance to get another shot at the Dean Ambrose title, and he couldn’t get the job done. Aj Styles put on a clinic against Ziggler, and was able to pin him after a lot of action. Ambrose was on commentary, and he was boring. He isn’t a “lunatic” anymore. Stone Cold was right, he’s resting on his laurels, it’s stupid and he sucks. He’s a boring champion. Aj Styles will make the championship mean something if he wins.

Match Rating: 4 out of 5

Ziggler is done in my book.

Final Notes on Smackdown

The night wasn’t that great. Smackdown is better than Raw, no doubt. But how much better? Not by much on this night. There’s a new women’s title, which looks dumb, and new tag titles which aren’t half bad. Overall, though, Smackdown flew by because it’s a 2 hour show and they pack in a lot of wrestling. I am looking forward to the Brock Lesnar versus Shane McMahon match, though. That was set up to be grand.

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