Saturday, February 17, 2018

WWE 205 Live February 13, 2018 Results and Review HHH Takes Over

Gulak Throwing Down Some Great Moves - SRC wwe dot com
From what all the news sites have stated this past few weeks, you’ll find that HHH has taken over the show of 205 Live. He’s changing things up and letting more wrestling go on. It has shown, and we are going to be talking about this week’s show.

WWE 205 Live February 13, 2018 Results and Review

Mark Andrews defeated Akira Tozawa

Another round in the tournament went forward and Mark Andrews impressed me. He was flying through the air, and hitting Tozawa with just about everything. The ending was great, with Tozawa getting his finisher on Andrews, only to get rolled up and not let go of the submission and he ended up losing.

Drew Gulak defeated Tony Nese

Wow, this was insane. Gulak threw down technical wrestling, with Tony Nese getting some great offense, but not enough to stop Gulak’s constant onslaught. He would eventually put Nese into his finishing submission, and would get him to go to sleep. What a fight this was, and Gulak is not just another job guy, he’s the real deal.

The 205 Live Show has gotten way better since Enzo Amore has left, and that’s kind of sad. I liked the entertainment value of Enzo Amore, and the Zo train, but alas, that’s the end of that. Great show, go back and see this.

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