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NJPW Strong Style Evolved March 25, 2018 Results and Review The Long Beach Spectacle

NJPW Strong Style Evolved March 25, 2018 Results and Review 
Over the weekend, New Japan Pro Wrestling returned to the United States and were in Long Beach. I couldn’t make it because I live in Indiana now, but if I lived in Los Angeles still, you would better believe that I would be there watching and drinking with the rest of my friends in the Bullet Club. For those that know me, you know that I saw Matt and Nick Jackson in Culver City many times, as they were once called Slick Nick and Mr. Instant Replay. Anyways, I was able to check out all 4 hours and plus of the event that went down on March 25, 2018 in Long Beach, California. Here’s how it went down, and my two cents on the matches and more.

NJPW Strong Style Evolved March 25, 2018 Results and Review

The start of the show had Jim Ross and some random dude on commentary. I kid, he’s not random, but I don’t care. Let’s talk the show from Long Beach, California.

Roppongi 3K defeated SoCal Uncensored in a six man tag match

I thought for sure SoCal Uncensored would win here, considering they are in So Cal and they were riding high from their wins in ROH. R3K were way better here and it was interesting to see overall. Lots of high spots, fast paced wrestling, back and forth, and so much work from all sides of this one. I liked how it all worked out, and you got to see a great deal of focus on precision timing and more. Kazarian seemed to mess up his knee at one point, but it was a fast paced match with lots of action, and a great opener for only 11 minutes or so.

Taguchi Japan defeated Chaos in a tag team match

Another tag team match, and it wasn’t half bad. I was impressed with Juice Robinson and David Finlay’s toughness as the Japanese team were berating the bricks off of them in many ways. They were definitely getting a lot of offense in, despite the receipts getting cashed for some careless punches and kicks. The ending was nice, but the match was somewhat short overall.

Killer Elite Squad defeated Chaos in a tag team match

This was another team of Chaos guys and KES was fascinating to watch. Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr were in tune here, and the son of The British Bulldog really impressed me. He reminded me of his father here, more than when he was in the WWE that’s for sure. I was so impressed with how it was all turning out, and was just impressed with the focused energy of the Killer Elite Squad overall. Chaos was good, but their pairing wasn’t as fun as the Taguchi Japan match.

Bullet Club Cody and Marty Scurll defeated Guerillas of Destiny

Both of these teams have elements of Bullet Club and Cody tried to stop the match overall. But it wouldn’t stop. The match was fast paced, and definitely one of the best match for tonight. GOD are insane, and wow, they are like the The Usos only bigger and somewhat stronger overall. I was so impressed with the fight and the moves. The Usos and GOD could have an insane overall match if they were able to get forward progress.

Los Ingobernables de Japon and Hiromu Takahashi defeated Taguchi Japan in an eight man tag team match

Another match with Taguchi guys, and I won’t spell them all out. However, this was a good match overall, with a lot of different elements of high flying action, lots of kick outs, lots of reversals, and a lot of elements that were no doubt a great work overall. Los Ingobernables de Japon are impressive here, and they won big here. I liked it a lot, and it was fun to see overall.

Will Ospreay defeated Jyushin Thunger Liger

This was supposed to be a match with Rey Mysterio, but after an injury, NJPW changed things up. Ospreay is one of the best high flyers in the world, and in this match it was fun to see how things worked out well enough. It was fast paced, Liger had some nice moves, including a brain buster to the outside, but it was Ospreay that would get the win after around 10 minutes. It was fun to watch.

Suzuki-Gun (Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr) defeated Chaos (Okada and Ishii) in a tag team match

Overall a fun match for under 20 minutes. This was a match that went forward to a lot of great back and forth action. It was fast paced throughout, and it featured some great high impact hits. I liked Zack Sabre Jr. and his constant reversals and submissions, he got the one up on Okada several times. Suzuki was great and Ishii were great hitting back and forth. It was fun.

Jay White defeated Hangman Page in the IWGP US Title Match

This was great. This was fun. However, it was slow. This was slow, but in the 25 minutes that it went, the two were able to throw everything but the kitchen sink at one another. It was fun to see the match go back and forth several times. White nearly broke Page’s chest with chops, and he wasn’t backing down. Lots of fighting to the floor, lots of back and forth, on the apron, reversals and more. This had room to breathe and it was White that got the big win. Nice fluid match, although a lot slower than everything else.

Golden Lovers defeated The Young Bucks

Nearly 40 minutes of match, and wow, everything you could expect from a wrestling match. There was high drama, there was a great story told, and the Young Bucks were all over the place. I was surprised by how good Omega and Ibushi worked together, and The Young Bucks were throwing themselves around the arena and it was fun to see go down. I enjoyed every aspect of this, and it was fun to see the shots that were taken out. To start Kenny Omega wasn’t that vicious with Matt Jackson due to his back injury, but over the match’s time frame, things picked up and they focused on it, then things went all out with table breaks, and double team moves, great back and forth, but then it was all over with double knees to the face to Matt Jackson and that’s that. Loved the 40 minute match, and it truly was a lot of action to see. Five stars all the way for me.

Post match, Cody Rhodes showed up and shoved Nick and yelled at Matt for losing. Then came Kenny Omega and fended him off, and tried to shake hands with the Young Bucks, but that wasn't going to go down. 

In other elements, Rey Mysterio got jumped by Marty Scurll! That was fun. Mysterio apologized to the crowd for the injury but promised he’d be back.

Another thing that occurred was Jay White got beat up by Finlay and was challenged for the title next time.

Overall, New Japan Pro Wrestling lived up to the hype and though it was 4 hours and 20 minutes long, it never felt like it was boring or tired. I loved every second of it, and that main event, wow. Great stuff, and great overall night of wrestling. I can’t wait to see ALL IN in September, and I am definitely ALL IN!

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