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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2018 Results and Review

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2018 
Slammiversary from Impact came through Canada and well, I knew nothing about the event other than Tommy Dreamer was booked on it. So, let's find out how it was. I heard on Twitter that it was good, so let's find out, this could very well be the best Impact Wrestling since 2006? Well, let's find out. This is my take on the event, since I watched it this morning.

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2018 Results and Review

Johnny Impact defeated Fenix, Bone Soldier, and Petey Williams

The opener for this show featured 4 great wrestlers, and it was a fun thing to watch. Every single high spot you could get was thrown at you through this match, and it was interesting to see how things worked out. Every member of this match was going all out, throwing themselves throughout the ring, and really showcasing great athletic abilities. There were so many moves, you'll have to see it for yourself. Of course, Starship Pain gets the victory in the finish, but wow, what a matchup.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Allie

I had no idea who Allie was, and well, she did a lot to fight through Blanchard's offense. Tessa Blanchard is one hell of an athlete, and once again proves that she's very good as a wrestler. She has power, and strength, and is great in ring. I found the match to be fun, and filled with a lot of back and forth moments. Given a good deal of time, and a lot of back and forth, this was no doubt a great match for women. I had fun, and Blanchard should be in WWE at a top level.

Eddie Edwards defeated Tommy Dreamer in a House of Hardcore Match

If you're into hardcore matches, then of course you're going to like how this turns out. Tommy Dreamer did a great deal of work here, and Edwards waas bleeding out bad, but overall, the match was just a hard hitting affair. Edwards would get the win, but not without taking a beating, and of course, giving Tommy Dreamer a beating as well. I'm ok without having too many matches in the hardcore arena, that's just me. Dreamer is still wrestling? Wow.

Brian Cage defeated Matt Sydal

Wow, Brian Cage impressed me the most here. Matt Sydal was good, no doubt, but Brian Cage was able to catch Sydal in every single instance, and I was absolutely impressed. Cage would eventually get the win, but wow, Sydal was impressive as well. Cage is an interesting wrestler.

Su Yung defeated Madison Rayne

I love Su Yung's character here, and she threw down a lot of offense against Madison Rayne. Rayne wasn't a slouch, she was able to fight a great one if you ask me. I mean not amazing, but still enough to make this an interesting match, with Yung winning in the end. I liked this a lot. It was a good match, and an interesting title defense for sure.

LAX defeated OGz in a 5150 Street Fight for the Tag Titles

Wow, this was one hell of a street fight. The two teams really threw down as much as you could in a match, and there was a lot of plunder, blood, and fighting. This was great, it was different enough from the House of Hardcore match, but it still had a lot of elements that are interesting overall. The match was great with LAX getting the win after a frog splash on a dude that was on thumbtacks. After the match OGz beat up Konnan, then spray painted the tag team titles, and that was that. Wow, hell of a match, and a nice ending, with the bad guys getting one over on the other teams. Defacing the titles, and getting heel heat, wow. Really cool, this was a fight that was nothing short of impressive.

Pentagon Jr. defeated Sami Callihan in a hair vs mask match

This was a great match. The two were able to work very well with a stellar back and forth match. The two were able to fight, and hit some serious hits. I was impressed with how fluid both wrestlers were, and this thing got hardcore fast. After some serious fights, you'll find that Pentagon Jr. was able to get a big win, and in fact was definitely impressive in the end. Callihan impressed me too, wow, what two talents going at it in what was very much a hard hitting battle for hair and mask. Pentagon got the win, and that's that. Good match, lots of spots, chops, and more.

Austin Aries defeated Moose in the Impact Title Match

I have no idea who Moose is. Austin Aries was getting a beat down for the most part. Aries was getting beat down for a good portion of this match, even though Aries is fast, and was able to counter some of Moose's work. This was a great overall match, with a lot of back and forth, with Aries having to battle a much larger, and much stronger opponent. I was impressed with Aries and Moose alike. Impact really has some good stars here, and I was impressed with Aries here, especially since he wasn't treated all that well by WWE. Not a 4 start classic, but definitely a great match up, with a lot to offer. Impact Wrestling really surprised me here.

I cannot agree more with the Twitter fans, this was a great rundown of wrestling and something that Impact should be proud of. Now if only their weekly shows weren't taped so long in advance, maybe I'd watch more often. Good outing here.

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