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WWE Smackdown Live July 10, 2018 Results and Review The B Show Featuring Hell No

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Smackdown Live was in my school's arena, and I wasn't able to go. But hey, there was a good night of wrestling planned, too bad it didn't turn out the way it was advertised, at least not at first. I'll get to all of that.

WWE Smackdown Live July 11, 2018 Results and Review

The show opened up with MIZTV, and of course it would, why not? The Miz brought out Team Hell No, and the crowd was in an uproar. I'm personally tired of this already, but I guess nostalgia is what it is sometimes. The new Hell No team shirt is stupid. Can't Kane just go be mayor now?

Daniel Bryan wanted to beat up Miz, but Kane stopped him, and then we saw some back and forth about Kane and what not. Then Miz got nearly choked out by Kane, before the Bludgeon Brothers came out and Sanity stormed the ring. They started to beat down Kane and Bryan, and the show began with a brawl featuring all the bad guys against Kane and Daniel Bryan. It was just a beat down until The New Day ran down to make the save.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Aj Styles were ready to battle, but after they made their introductions, out came Rusev and Aiden English.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Aj Styles ended in a no contest

This wasn't that bad of a match at all, and it really just had a lot of back and forth. It was a good option, but things got a bit difficult when Aiden English got involved. Aj Styles hit him hard, then Rusev jumped Aj, and that led Nakamura to team up with the bad guys to beat up AJ. But that's when Jeff hardy ran out and tried to mop things up. Hardy beat up Rusev and Nakamura, and then Paige came out and said that we are going to have a straight up tag match! Just like Teddy Long would create! I kid you not.

Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jeff Hardy and Aj Styles

This was a short match, it was not that great. But it served to get the bad guys a win before the big PPV this weekend. It was a good little match, for what it was, and it had a few back and forth elements. I didn't mind the loss for the good guys, but I doubt that either one is going to win this weekend. Well, maybe Nakamura will get gold, but other than that, I don't know what's going to go on at the PPV. As for this match, it was fine, an ok television match, so there's that.

Asuka defeated James Ellsworth in a Lumberjack Match

Well, this was shorter than I thought, and it ended like I thought it would end. Asuka made Ellsworth tap out, and that was that. Nothing big here. Afterwards Carmella attacked Asuka.

Andrade Cien Almas defeated Sin Cara

This was a fast paced, short match. Sin Cara had a few moments, but it was mostly the showcase of Andrade Cien ALmas, and that's it. He won with his finisher and that was the end. Nothing fancy, a big win, and that's it.

Team Hell No and The New Day defeated Sanity and The Bludgeon Brothers

This wasn't a great match, but it worked out like nearly all 10 man tag team matches that I have seen. The good guys were all over the bad guys, and of course the Fan Favorites needed to look strong going into the PPV, so they won. Everyone hit their finishers, Team Hell No and The New Day were getting a lot of praise, and that was that. Nothing major here, just a lot of fast paced finishing moves, and the Yes Chants. A fun, fast paced match, no doubt, but honestly, it just left me with the feeling of, meh.

The B show is all that Smackdown is to me. Almas finally got a match, which was great. No sign of Tye Dillinger, though, and others that were drafted. The women's revolution is back to full circle, beating up a random stooge, and that's that. Oh well.

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