Saturday, February 3, 2007

Bill Goldberg

Goldberg was used smart for a few years. He was given all the undercard several times. I’m not talking about just random guys, I’m talking about a lot of guys. He went through 99 guys before getting the world title shot. He went through seventy four people before he got a United States Title show, which was done on Nitro to the expense of my favorite wrestler ever; Raven. So after all that, he beats Hogan and then has a lackluster brawl with a lot of different guys. My favorite of these was the brawl with Bam Bam Bigelow, who jumped ship from ECW for a second start in the WCW and was doing well too. Too bad WCW squandered all their chances.

WWE had Bill Goldberg win the world title, and for whatever reasons HHH laid down a few times for the big guy. I don’t know why, because apparently the internet has been feeding these lies that HHH can’t lay down for anyone. What happened there?

Finally, Bill Goldberg’s name is being brought up for a return to WWE now that HHH isn’t around. Will this be great? I don’t know if the WWE wants him back.

Lastly, what about TNA? TNA Wrestling has been looking for Bill Goldberg to bring up the ratings. They brought in Kurt Angle at one of his lows in the WWE but can they fork over the cash to get Goldberg? I don’t think they are going to go down that road.

Plus from what I hear they don’t even like spending so much on guys that are so talented: the X-Division.

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