Thursday, February 15, 2007


People are claiming that RVD is out of the WWE at the end of the Summer. GOOD! Good riddance to a poor wwe product and creative team. One doesn't have to be amazing in the WWE because obviously there are so many powers that be, that you can't claim to create a greater product than TNA.

TNA is going to benefit greatly. A great match up for instance would be STING vs. RVD! Now that's a dream match, and what about SAMOA JOE vs. RVD what about Christopher Daniels vs. RVD! All those matches of the greatness and the pretige of something you can only imagine. Something that no one else can achieve at this stage in the game.

RVD had title shots, RVD has become a key player, but now he's drowning in the new ECW product and it's sad that the show is horrible. But at least it's not Wrestling Society x yet.

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