Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Raw Results 2/26/07

WWE Raw was on last night, as it is customary for monday nights, and it stunk up the place..but had some interesting notes.

Jeff Hardy def. Shelton Benjamin (Money in the Bank Qualifying Match)

I knew Shelton wasn't going to win this match, although he did put up a good match. I hate how the Mic isn't passed to Jeff much, but yet Shelton is placed in a box where h can't speak on the mic. Then they don't even let him stay tagging with Haas...this makes me upset. This match is your classic hardy affair.

Johnny Nitro vs. Super Crazy (match never started)

This match never got started, and good. They buried Super Crazy, and Nitro sucks.

Women's Champion Melina def. Maria (Non-title match)

I took a major bathroom break on this one. They should train wrestlers that are women, not throw in women to wrestle.

The Great Khali vs. Chris Masters (Master Lock Challenge; No Contest)

Now this is what I wanted to see. But it never happened, and Kane came out. Great! I just don't know why they have brand extensions if the superstars are just going to jump from show to show. There must be a great need for talent.

Carlito def. Kenny Dykstra

Carlito finally wins one, and I don't even care. They buried this guy long ago. The spirit squad collectively are good heels. Kenny alone isn't worth much.

World Tag Team Champions John Cena & Shawn Michaels def. Rated-RKO

This match is face vs. heel classic, so you can imagine how it went. They all hit their signature moves, and Edge leaves Randy Orton to get eaten alive. Is this is a face/heel turn? Probably not. I hate Orton no matter what.

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