Saturday, February 10, 2007

No Way Out Updated card

Since I have tickets to the major Sold Out event here in Los Angeles, I'm going to talk about the current updated card.
World Heavyweight Champion Batista & Undertaker vs. WWE Champion John Cena & HBK
- This match isn't going to get very far, all these guys can't work as a team, and I can see the deck shuffling together to create some entertainment spots.

Four Way Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
- This match is going to get crazy. They did it once, they'll do it again; tear the house down. I can't wait to see these guys light up the ring.

Kane vs. King Booker
- All I have to say about this is: All hail King Booker!

Diva Talent Invitational
- Time to Sleep.

Finlay vs. Boogeyman
- If anyone can teach the Boogeyman to have a good match, Finlay can. I hope this match is good, for everyone's sake I hope this match is good.

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