Thursday, February 22, 2007

No Way Out

Sorry about the delay...

Here it is, my No Way Out review:

The details are fuzzy, but would love to get remember it all so instead, I'm talking about what I do remember.

I waited for about 6 hours at the front of the doors to get in. After all that, I didn't get into the arena until 4:15 pm and then the dark match began. RVD wrestled Shelton Benjamin, and won the match clean. The first win for him in a long time, too bad it wasn't on television where it counted.

The first match was ok at best, I noticed a lot of misses by Version 1 Matt hardy, but other than that small glitch in the system, i didn't see a whole lot of bad things in the whole thing.

The next thing I remember was Kane and Booker T. It was a back and forth match, and I believe I was the only one bowing for the King. All hail king booker! Although he lost, I still liked the match. Hope he gets revenge.

Duece and Domino aren't half bad, but the tag-champions were one step ahead, and was awesome! The doomsday device isn't that cool.

Ken Kennedy is awesome! He almost won, but it was well worth it, until Lashley beat him up by the entrance.

Chavo Guerrero winning the cruiserweight title was amazing! I love the guy, and miss Eddie.

The Boogeyman match was awesome too. So he can't wrestle as well as others, but wow, he put together a good match with Finlay! The little boogeyman was awesome, and the crowd reacted quite nicely.

The main event was awesome too. John Cena has a ton of new moves he was exhibiting. I don't like Batista, that's for sure.

All in all a good event, nothing major to report, good seats, and pictures are forthcoming.

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