Monday, February 15, 2010

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/15/10 Results and Review Jerry Spring Guest Host

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/15/10 Results

Sheamus defeated Randy Orton via Disqualification
MVP & Mark Henry defeated The Big Show & The Miz (non title)
Ted Dibiase defeated Kofi Kingston
Triple H vs John Cena No Contest

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/15/10 Review

I wasn’t too excited about tonight’s raw, I’m just not feeling so good. My birthday was yesterday and I had to a lot of work instead of relaxing. So tonight I’m just out of it, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Sheamus defeated Randy Orton via Disqualification

This match wasn’t all the great, and it looked like Orton was definitely rying hard to carry Sheamus. Sheamus sucks, face it. Legacy got involved, more importantly, Ted Dibiase tried to help, but got knocked out by Sheamus, and Cody Rhodes got involved and got Orton disqualified, much like the same finish at the Royal Rumble. Orton once again loses, and needs major help getting back to the title, that’s for sure.

Bret Hart cut a promo. He said he gave a good face promo, and I’m still behind Bret Hart, and I hope he kills Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania. Hart cut a promo and went backstage and said bye to everyone. Then he was ready to get into a limo, but a random car hit him off camera, and apparently his leg was stuck in the door, and he had his leg smashed in? This just doesn’t make sense, if you saw it, you were reminded of when McMahon’s limo blew up, or when he fell off the stage. With his leg messed up this means that he most liked won’t wrestle at Mania, but McMahon might get someone to represent him etc, whatever, this is stupid.

MVP & Mark Henry defeated The Big Show & The Miz

This match was your average tag team match with the big guys mixing it up, but first Mark Henry taking control of the Miz. MVP tagged in and randomly rolled up The Miz and got the quick win. This match was interesting, but nothing too crazy here. The Miz loses, and we get yet another loss from a champion with a roll up. Lame. Not a memorable match, but I’m sure it will lead to a tag title match down the road.

Up to this point Raw was boring and completely a waste of time. I’m tired. Jerry Springer did a “Show”. Kelly Kelly came out and said she was pregnant, and the father could’ve been Santino, Michael Cole or Jerry Lawler. This was so stupid…I’m so tired.

Ted Dibiase defeated Kofi Kingston

Kofi had this match won, he was giving Dibiase a beating, but out of nowhere Dibiase grabbed a hold of Kofi for Dream Street and hit it huge, and pinned Kofi, clean. An interesting match to show off Kofi’s skill, only to have him lose.

John Cena tried to talk to Batista, but Batista was on the titan tron, and that’s about it. Batista said he’d be at Raw next week. It was boring….Triple H came out.

Triple H vs John Cena No Contest

This match was going ok, but it didn’t capture my attention too much. I thought Triple H would get the win, but out came Sheamus to interrupt things and I don’t know…it was lame.

Raw sucked tonight, that’s my final thoughts…maybe I’m just tired.

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