Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tna Impact 2/11/10 Results and Review More of the Same Crap

Tna Impact 2/11/10 Results

The Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Orlando Jordan
Matt Morgan defeated Suicide
Brutus Magnus defeated The Amazing Red
The Beautiful People defeated Tara & Angelina Love
Kennedy & Kurt Angle defeated Desmond Wolfe & Hernandez

Tna Impact 2/11/10 Review

Man this show was so lame to start. I heard there were no matches set for the ppv this weekend, and people just talking bad about TNA, rightfully so, the show opened up with Hulk Hogan going to the ring. Erik Young came down to interrupt Hogan, and said he wanted a shot at the “band”. Hogan said to find them outside, and what not…it was a boring promo.

The eight card stud tournament qualifier match was next to come through.

The Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Orlando Jordan

This match wasn’t a classic masterpiece, but it had some good moments. The fans completely hate Jordan, that’s right. It’s a good thing, and I think that’s important for Jordan. He’s getting so much heat it’s great. The Pope, is a solid wrestler and put on a show, although a little light tonight. Orlando Jordan didn’t stink up the arena and did play it up against the Pope, the finale was ok, this match was good enough to keep me looking, that’s for sure.

Double J got the shaft with Bishoff, looks like he’s getting totally screwed on television.

Matt Morgan defeated Suicide

Looks like the Suicide angle is all over. He got killed in this match. Morgan looked strong and just blew through all Suicide’s attempts at offense. Morgan moves on in the tournament. This was a glorified jobber match to say the least.

Backstage Angle and Anderson, were interviewed by the biggest forehead in wrestling right now, and it wasn’t anything too special. A random microphone came down and Anderson said ANDERSON!

Brutus Magnus defeated The Amazing Red

The Amazing Red did almost everything possible to fight off Brutus, but just couldn’t put him away. Magnus won with a nice northern lights suplex. Red did some great counters, and hit fast and hard, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The Beautiful People defeated Tara & Angelina Love

This match wasn’t all that great, it had a lot of moments where the Beautiful People were just not that good at wrestling. They seemed scared, and were playing up the “divas” type of wrestling and maybe that’s what they were going for, but it made for terrible wrestling matches. This match was a cluster at the end, but The Beautiful People got the win, again. Not terrible, but not good. Lame.

Kennedy & Kurt Angle defeated Desmond Wolfe & Hernandez

Kurt Angle was trying his best to win this match basically all alone. He was taking control of this match until out of a mistake Desmond Wolfe was able to reverse things. Angle was getting worked over, and refused to tag Anderson. Anderson got a tag then threw Angle out of the ring, and won the match for the team! Angle looked pissed and Anderson basically looked strong! I hope Anderson wins this weekend.

Samoa Joe cut a promo and Aj Styles came down with Nature Boy. Samoa Joe unloaded against Aj Styles, and with the help of Ric Flair the two took out Joe.

The Band beat up Kurt Angle with Brass Knuckles. Hogan came out to the ring after the band beat up Kurt, and got inside the ring!

Hulk laid out Sixx and Scott Hall with Brass Knuckles.

Final Thoughts

Tna sucks.

I hate it.

There’s no change.

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