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WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Results and Review

I’m sorry I’m late with all this, I’ve been working on my 1” button company called The Button Kids and just lost track of time. However, here is the first of two reviews for today, The Elimination Chamber and the Raw afterwards…

WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Results

John Cena defeated Triple H, Ted Dibiase, Randy Orton, and Kofi Kingston in the elimination chamber to capture the WWE championship
Batista defeated John Cena to become the new WWE Champion
Drew McIntyre defeated Kane in the Intercontinental Championship Match
Michelle McCool & Layla defeated Maryse & Gail Kim
The Miz defeated MVP in the U.S Title Match
Chris Jericho defeated The Undertaker, Cm Punk, John Morrison, R Truth, and Rey Mysterio

WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Review

John Cena defeated Triple H, Ted Dibiase, Randy Orton, and Kofi Kingston in the elimination chamber to capture the WWE championship

John Cena opened up the show and the first participant in the Chamber! The crowd blew up huge for this, and it looked pretty cool.

John Cena, Ted Dibiase, Randy Orton and Triple H were stuck in the pods while Kofi Kingston and Sheamus started the match

The pop for Randy Orton was huge. The guy is bound for the anti-hero face turn, he’s just bound for it.

I wasn’t sure who’d walk out big at this ppv, so I was blind to the start, Kofi and Sheamus. Kofi and Sheamus really started well, Kofi was all over the champion. I thought Kofi was going to really upset the champion, as it looked great to me. Sheamus was in control and the countdown began for the next competitor.

Triple H was next.

Triple H got into the ring and he stared down Sheamus…could this be Wrestlemania?

Triple H started with big right hands but Sheamus stopped that fast and wasn’t letting himself get outwrestled by the Champion, but then a big knee to the head really changed that up fast. Sheamus was reeling, and Kofi was outside the ring on the metal. Kofi got back into the match and was on fire against Sheamus and Triple H. Kofi hit Triple H on the metal apron with a Boom Dropbut landed on his backbone and looked hurt.

Randy Orton was next.

Randy Orton jumped into the match and blew open the doors. He was hitting everyone that was in the ring and was not letting up. He blasted ever single person in the ring, and started to work on Sheamus, and was getting the fan reaction of a face! My pick at this point in the match was definitely Orton, he was looking like a top notch talent. Kofi leaped off the top rope mid match and Orton hit him in mid air with a perfect dropkick defense! It was picture perfect, mid air dropkick by Orton on Kofi! I marked out huge, and after the initial pop, the crowd went silent as Orton looked to fight off Triple H next. Orton threw everyone over the top rope to the metal grating, and looked strong as he was fighting to get the win. Sheamus got the better of Orton throwing him into ring post.

Ted Dibiase was next.

Dibiase jumped into the match fresh and clean, hitting Triple H with huge right hands, then looking around to see who he’d hit next with his right hands…then he was read to attack Randy Orton, but instead offered his hand to help him out. The two started to fight together and worked on Triple H! Randy Orton with Dibiase’s help got a huge ddt on the metal grating, knocking him out nicely. Afterwards, the two friends got right in front of the door of the pod that John Cena was in and it was on!

Cena was next.

John Cena fought through both Orton and Dibiase on his way to nearly eliminating Orton right away. He was on fire and was huge, getting the crowd cheering with every move he had. He hit a huge leg drop to the back of the neck, and I was excited to see what he had in mind. Cena hit a huge Attitude Adjustment on Dibiase to the metal grating on the outside! Orton then took control and I was into the match finally!

This match was definitely looking good to me so far. Finally a good match! Dibiase was nearly eliminated but Orton saved him and was telegraphing the RKO…but out ran Cody Rhodes! Rhodes threw in a Metal Pipe and Dibiase grabbed it! DIBIASE HIT ORTON FIRST WITH THE METAL PIPE AND THEN JOHN CENA!

DIBIASE PINNED and ELIMINATED RANDY ORTON! The crowd was in complete shock and ORTON was OUT cold! There is going to be Hell to pay for Dibiase after this match that’s for sure. I liked this, the Metal Pipe shot to Orton’s head really shocked the crowd and his elimination sent a chill up my spine. I couldn’t believe I was excited.

Trouble In Paradise was hit on Dibiase and Kofi eliminated Dibiase!

Sheamus hit Kofi with a big boot and his finisher, eliminating Kofi Kingston with a sick move. Razor Ramon, eat your heart out, Sheamus made the Razor’s Edge look good again.

Then there were three.

Triple H eliminated Sheamus after a pedigree! That’s right TRIPLE H ELIMINATED SHEAMUS!

Then there was only two.

After a few minutes, John Cena made Triple H tapout to the STFU! He tapped after a long battle, and John Cena was completely gone…spent, and the new champion!

John Cena is the NEW CHAMPION!

Vince McMahon came out and said that John Cena will have to first battle the next guy….BATISTA!

BATISTA shows up! Batista, THE ANIMAL, will face John Cena for the title!

Batista defeated John Cena to become the new WWE Champion

The match started with John Cena starting with a big right hand, and only made Batista made. Batista hit a HUGE SPEAR! THE BIGGEST SPEAR OF HIS CAREER THEN NEARLY KILLED CENA WITH A HUGE BATISTA BOMB!!!!

Batista is the new WWE CHAMPION! HOLY CRAP!

Drew McIntyre defeated Kane in the Intercontinental Championship Match

Kane started this match strong, hitting drew with some big right hands and then systematically trying to break him down with power moves, and offense. However, Drew changed things around and started to hit Kane with huge right hands, but couldn’t keep the Big Red Machine down. Drew McIntyre was in trouble and was about to get hit with the big Chokeslam, but McIntyre kept trying to fight back, even though he looked defeated on the outside of the ring. Drew hit Kane with a thumb to the eye than landed his Future Shock DDT finisher to retain the title in this somewhat boring intercontinental title match.

Gail Kim and Maryse were set to battle it out in the finals of the divas championship match. But Vickie Guerrero came out and changed the plans. So we would get a tag team match instead of the finals…lame.

Michelle McCool & Layla defeated Maryse & Gail Kim

This match wasn’t half bad, Gail Kim did a good job carrying her side. Maryse wouldn’t tag in, and Michelle McCool and Layla were showing bright spots to the wwe’s women’s division. This was definitely a change of pace in a lot of ways, because this match wasn’t just quick and done. Gail Kim just got worked in this match and was eventually knocked out cold with Michelle McCool’s finisher. This match was just the destruction of Gail Kim…sadly, the former knockouts champion and bright spot of the TNA knockouts.

Post match, Maryse hit Gail Kim with her French Kiss DDT and that was the end…finally I liked the divas for a moment in time.

William Regal got in the ring and was blabbering but out came Edge to interrupt him and cut a counter promo? Who cares? Not me. It was stupid to me. I was bored. Edge once again pushes his promo on who he is going to choose.

Regal got a spear for no apparent reason.

The Miz defeated MVP in the U.S Title Match

MVP started this match fast and hard. The Miz was taking a lot of shots, and was getting worked hard. MVP was definitely fighting strong style, and Miz was able to just keep in there. MVP was slowed down midway through this match but then shot up and drilled Miz with a huge right hand, but couldn’t capitalize on the big punch. The Miz seemed to have this thing in the bag and after a while this thing just looked like a Miz highlight reel until he made a mistake and MVP hit a huge belly to belly over the top suplex off the top rope! The Miz busted himself open the hard way with a headbutt. Mark Henry broke the guardrail when Big Show moved out of the way, and that was a highlight, but inside the ring, the Yakuza kick missed and Miz distracted the ref while Big Show hit Miz with a huge right hand, and Miz retains! Not a terrible match, the pacing was a little slow, but I liked how Henry killed the guard rail, the big suplex, and the Miz getting busted open the hard way was good too.

The second elimination chamber was next, and after the first one, I was really excited to see what was going to happen.

Chris Jericho defeated The Undertaker, Cm Punk, John Morrison, R Truth, and Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker started inside the pods.

CM Punk got on the mic and it was gold again. He had a captive audience and relly just sold it, the guy doesn’t need a title, he’s amazing on the mic.

CM Punk and R Truth started the match.

I thought Shawn Michaels was going to knock someone out to get a shot inside, but so far, nope. Truth had complete control over Punk and at one point Truth did a complete flip off the top rope onto Punk, and this thing was just all TRUTH on Punk. It was quite the opening, that’s for sure. Punk hit a huge kick and then the GTS and BOOOM eliminated R TRUTH!

Before the time limit expired, Truth was gone and Punk got on the mic for another sermon! Wow!

CM Punk eliminated R Truth.

Rey Mysterio was next.

Myserio and Punk fought, with Mysterio fighting fast and hard. Punk was out classed right away with Mysterio being fresh. Punk was definitely caught off guard, that’s for sure. Mysterio looked to be setting up the 619 but Punk woke up fast and hit a huge power slam to stop Mysterio’s offense. He then set up the GTS but Mysterio countered and this one looked great to start. Punk threw Mysterio into the cage ad into the glass of the pods and was really hitting hard, but Mysterio wasn’t going down without a fight. Mysterio rose to the top of one of the pods, but Punk chased him and the two fought on the top rope. Punk got hit hard in the exchange, Mysterio turned things around, hit a huge splash and eliminated CM PUNK!

Chris Jericho was next.

Jericho and Mysterio exchanged moves, and Jericho got the better of the exchange because he was fresh. Mysterio hit the 619 and Jericho barely managed to roll outside of the ring and countered Mysterio’s high flying offense fast. Jericho bought himself some time and Mysterio was screaming in pain as he hit the metal apron hard. Mysterio’s Lucha Style Dragon Sleeper was impressive, but Jericho twisted it into the Walls of Jericho and really had Mysterio. But the next pod was about to open!

Morrison was next.

Morrison fought Jericho first and really tried to make a statement, getting some fast offense, but he also hit Mysterio, so it wasn’t one sided. Morrison was rocked hard as Mysterio knocked him off the top rope and into one of the pods. Morrison was set up for the 619 but Jericho hit a huge Tilt-O-World backbreaker. Mysterio fought a good battle and it looked like he had this thing in the bag at many different points of the match up. Mysterio was aiming for a huge Hurricanrana but held onto the ropes, and then hit Starship Pain! John Morrison eliminated Rey Mysterio!

Jericho and Morrison were left to fight each other off now, and Undertaker was in the chamber. Only good would come of this. Morrison was placed into the Walls of Jeriho, as the countdown for Taker was going down.

Undertaker was next and he jumped in fresh and was fighting great overall. However, Jericho and Morrison still had to fight and the two were pushing the Undertaker out of the match by working together. Jericho was busted open the hard way at this point, and the three were really fighting through some sick moments. Jericho tried to hide in a pod but Undertaker cornered him inside and was fighting hard and fast…leaving Jericho half dead inside a pod. Morison hit the Undertaker hard and it looked like he re-injured his leg, and went for Starship Pain, but Taker got the knee up and stopped it! Jericho was ready to fight, but he locked himself in a pod to avoid Undertaker and Morrison again. Morrison was victim to the Taker and as soon as Taker looked like he was going to hit the Last Ride, Jericho jumped out of his chamber and attacked at will!

This match was definitely living up to the hype, and was just as good as the first chamber match. Morrison got slammed hard on the steel apron outside the ring and looked like Taker had this one in the bag. After that he eliminated Morrison, and there was only two men left…Jericho and Undertaker and Taker meant business at this point. Jericho took his time and carefully plotted his move, while the crowd was firmly behind The Undertaker.

Jericho hit a good mid-rope Superplex and this thing looked great. I liked it. Jericho looked like he might be able to pin the world champion. Jericho slapped the Walls of Jericho on Undertaker and right in the middle of the ring! Taker turned it around and locked in Hell’s Gate on Jericho! Jericho fought away and got to the outside on the apron! Jericho hit a huge CODEBREAKER and I thought this one was over! After 2 and a quarter Taker pulled a shoulder up and that was insane! Jericho looked defeated, but he kept fighting Undertaker. Undertaker set up the Last Ride and Jericho was dead. He was completely dead, Jericho was finally put away….but Taker didn’t capitalize.

Undertaker then looked like he was going to end this thing with a Tombstone Piledriver! Out of nowhere, SHAWN MICHAELS SHOWED UP FROM UNDER THE GRATING! HBK KNOCKED OUT UNDERTAKER!




This ppv really was worth it…man if you saw you had to like it. DANG HBK COSTS TAKER THE TITLE!

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