Monday, February 1, 2010

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/1/10 Results and Review Fallout From The Rumble

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/1/10 Results

John Cena defeated Cody Rhodes
Triple H defeated Jack Swagger
Randy Orton defeated Shawn Micheals
Ted Dibiase defeated Mark Henry
Kofi Kingston defeated The Big Show via dq

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/1/10 Review

Edge cut a promo, announcing his return, opening up Raw. Sheamus came down to the ring and cut a promo against Edge, getting booed in the process. Sheamus told Edge to get out and run to Smackdown, and when Edge didn’t back down he got hit in the face with the mic and the two started to Brawl! Edge looked fine to me, even if he’s not 100%

He ran right through Sheamus with a spear, and the crowd went nuts. Sheamus is the weakest champion ever…and the whitest! Ziing!

John Cena defeated Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes didn’t have much offense for John Cena to react to. This elimination chamber qualifying match was really on rails. Cena rolled through Rhodes as if he was a no name jobber. Cena didn’t even break a sweat on his victory, defeating Rhodes like a chump. Rhodes is on his way out, that’s my two cents.

Backstage Vince McMahon was “barged in on” by none other than William Shatner, the guest host.

My wife said it right, “There’s no way he’s going to beat Triple H”.

Who was she talking about?

Jack effin Swagger! Are you serious WWE? You’re going to Bury this guy right?

Triple H defeated Jack Swagger

The All American American was about to get pwned, that’s all I could think about. Jack Swagger kept going after Triple H, regardless of being the under dog. I didn’t think that Triple H would let so much offense get in, but Swagger was getting some good shots at Triple H. Swagger got close at times, but not TOO close and that’s how Triple H likes to keep the roster down. Swagger gets thrown away, and that’s the end of that. Triple H will join Cena in a in the elimination chamber.

Randy Orton defeated Shawn Micheals

Shawn Micheals and Randy Orton really managed to put together a fluid match, although it started a little slow for my tastes. Orton really pushed things through quite well especially when it seemed like HBK had this thing sewn up. Orton didn’t hit the RKO although it seemed like he had it ready to fire, but HBK got shocked with a roll up and lost it.

Post match, HBK was obviously frustrated and he ooked like he was on his way to a meltdown of sorts.

Ted Dibiase defeated Mark Henry

Dibiase somehow managed to get a win on this one. Mark Henry didn’t really have much of a match up, as Dibiase worked on an arm overall and just won a somewhat boring match. Dibiase will go into the chamber with Orton and the rest of the roster that holds down the rest. Henry’s got to be on his way out.

Backstage there’s a lot of stuff going on, more than I want to comment about. Punk & Gallows are going to get a shot at the titles sooner than later. Miz and Big Show are turning into a tag team now? HBK looks like he lost his smile again.

Kofi Kingston defeated The Big Show via dq

This match ended in a dq finish after Big Show accidentally punched a ref out. Kofi had no chance of winning this one, even though he got some good offense in. The Big Show was upset, but he lost and that was that. The ref might have been legit out, I don’t know.

Vince McMahon and Bret Hart stood face to face yet again. McMahon was really pushing the buttons, and the fans were eating it up hook line and sinker.

Bret Hart really got made this time and punched the crap out McMahon and for once I thought it was real…yeah call me dumb, but man McMahon took some sick shots. Then right when McMahon was going to get into the Sharpshooter, Batista ran down and beat the snot out of Bret Hart! That’s right, Batista beat the snot out of Bret Hart!

McMahon got up and spit in the face of Hart! I kid you not, he spit in the face…no one came to save the day and Batista was holding a beaten Bret Hart. The show ended with Hart in pain, Batista holding him and a Cena chant going strong.

Final thoughts:

Batista can not be a bigger heel right now. McMahon cannot be a bigger heel either. Bret Hart better have a massive comeback, with some hard shots against McMahon at Mania.

The rest of the show? It seemed rushed and not very memorable. Way to bury the younger talent Triple H.


  1. The things that caught my attention in Shawn Michaels post-match meltdown was he was tearing the DX stuff off his body.

    Looks like Michaels vs. Hunter redux may be coming sooner rather than later.

  2. Hopefully we won't be getting a Shawn vs Hunter feud again. Please no ...

    I marked out loud during the last segment. That's how every feud should start. I'm tired of watching weak angles. Heel wrestlers look terribly weak nowadays and that's why i liked what Batista and Vince did to Bret last night.

    I'm also looking forward for an Edge vs Jericho feud. Chris is badass as a heel and Edge is sick in his own awesome way. They would do great, i'm sure. And what's so freaking good about Sheamus (or whatever is spelled)?. Last time i checked he was squashing jobbers on ECW, i simply don't get it ...



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