Friday, February 5, 2010

WWE Superstars 2/4/10 Results and Review

That’s right folks, I got satellite television and with that means I now finally get WWE Superstars! So with the rest of the reviews, I’ll be doing a review of WWE Superstars as well. I’m still broke with no job, but saving $30 over cable is helping me a little. If you can spare some change for me to get a wrestling ppv, please do so with the donate button on the side of the site or buy something via amazon, I’d greatly appreciate it.

WWE Superstars 2/4/10 Results

Katie Lea & Alicia Fox defeated Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres
Evan Bourne defeated Carlito
John Morrison, The Great Khali & Matt Hardy defeated The Hart Dynasty & Drew McIntyre

WWE Superstars 2/4/10 Review

Katie Lea & Alicia Fox defeated Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres

This match was given a little bit of time, but the best wrestlers weren’t really in there long. These girls tried to put on a show and while there are some moments when you begin to think that these women are good, they clumsily go through a match and just rush to the finish. It wasn’t the worst divas match but it was far from great, that’s for sure.

Evan Bourne defeated Carlito

Wow, these guys don’t really get much of a shot on Raw each Monday but they are here putting on a show. Carlito is still good, he hasn’t gotten pushed but he still has skills. This match was insane, Bourne nearly killed Carlito at times. This was an amazing match that had people cheering like crazy. Bourne nearly killed Carlito with a top rope powerbomb and his 450 Splash. Back and forth these two put on a ppv quality match and it was a surprise for me to watch. These guys can work and it’s a real shame they aren’t on better shows doing more with their talent. This thing was awesome, I was marking out huge for a change.

John Morrison, The Great Khali & Matt Hardy defeated The Hart Dynasty & Drew McIntyre

Your standard six man tag match, I feel like I’ve already seen this one on Smackdown. Nothing too crazy happened, but it was fun to watch these guys work. They do well in these types of matches and it didn’t completely bore me. The crowd was dead for a lot of this match, showing just how many times we've seen this type of match if not this exact match up before. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate then tagged in khali, and DH SMITH went for the Punjabi Plunge and the match was over just like that.

Final Thoughts

This is a good overall wrestling show. They had at least one 4 star match, or at least 3 stars. I enjoyed the bulk of this show and am glad I can finally see it. I look forward to more wwe supserstars.

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