Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ECW on SyFy 2/2/10 Results and Review Post Royal Rumble

ECW on SyFy 2/2/10 Results

Vance Archer defeated Shelton Benjamin
Yoshi Tatsu defeated Trent Barreta
Christian vs Zack Ryder (no contest)

ECW on SyFy 2/2/10 Review

The Abraham Washington show started things off, and it was not that great. The crowd was booing all over this too.

Vance Archer defeated Shelton Benjamin

There’s no way of telling how good these guys are without getting tested. Well here was a good test, and both wrestlers put on a good overall match. It had a bit of everything for all walks of fans. This match ended with Archer stealing a win, but not without getting hit hard with Shelton Benjamin’s high flying offense. Archer stole it with a roll up and putting his feet on the ropes.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Trent Barreta

This match wasn’t all that great, it was fast and just had Yoshi Tatsu winning another match. The crowd is getting a little more behind him and with Goldust by his side things could be bright for him in the future. The match was nothing major to write about, it had its moments, but nothing too crazy.

Vince McMahon came out and said that ECW will go off the air in 3 weeks! It’s the end of ECW on SyFy. McMahon said a new show will replace it. Dang…Ecw is dead.

Gregory Helms was going to interview Ezekiel Jackson, but instead got beat up by Regal and Jackson. Lame segment, obviously punishing Helms for getting arrested. There was a sick shot in there, looked real to me. Christian came down with a kendo stick to save the day.

Christian vs Zack Ryder (no contest)

This match was actually not half bad, but it managed to lose steam when Ezekiel Jackson interfered and beat up Christian. I didn’t really like this match’s ending but it was a nice preview of what maybe to come…if there’s even an ECW title.

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