Monday, February 8, 2010

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/8/10 Results and Review Bret Harts Revenge

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/8/10 Results

Sheamus defeated Christian
The Miz & The Big Show defeated Degeneration X and Cm Punk & Luke Gallows in an elimination style triple threat match for the unified tag team titles
Gail Kim defeated Jillian
Cody Rhodes defeated Randy Orton

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/8/10 Review

Here we go another Monday Night Raw! We’ve been waiting for this one, with an elimination triple threat match for the tag titles being one of the big advertised matches tonight, which will be great…right? We’ll see.

Carl Edwards was the guest host tonight, and I don’t know who he is, other than a Nascar guy. Edwards was interrupted by Sheamus, and after Sheamus was ragging on the new host, out came none other than CHRISTIAN! He came out to a lukewarm reception, and it looked like Sheamus was going to kick his head off.

Sheamus defeated Christian

Sheamus started this match really strong, but Christian wasn’t laying down. He took it to Sheamus, and the two exchanged rights and lefts, and I was marking out for this match up. Christian threw everything he had at Sheamus and I thought it was all over, but nope, Sheamus managed to kick Christian’s head off, then hit the Razors edge…or whatever they call it, and pinned Christian clean. I don’t think Christian was completely buried, but this should’ve been a win for Christian in my book.

The Miz & The Big Show defeated Degeneration X and Cm Punk & Luke Gallows in an elimination style triple threat match for the unified tag team titles

This match was given a good amount of time. Punk was cleaning house and really hitting HBK with some big moves. Triple H was clearing out the outside of the ring, and this match had some good overall moments. I thought Punk and Gallows were due for a big win, but Shawn Micheals nearly killed Punk with a Superkick, getting the Straightedge society eliminated from this elimination style triple threat match. I liked the way this match went, lots of good spots, plenty of time, and then a slowed down pace towards the end with Big Show showing off his weight and size against a much smaller HBK. HBK was getting worn out and tagged in Triple H at random, and was stunned when The Miz rolled him up and got the quick three count, garnering the new tag team as champions! Yep, The Miz and Big Show are now the unified tag team champions!

HBK begged Theodore Long to trade him to Smackdown. He was begging to get in on the Elimination Chamber. HBK knocked out Theodore Long with a Super Kick then walked away, his career (he said) is over.

Gail Kim defeated Jillian

Not much of a match here, in fact it bored me, but before I could yawn Gail Kim won. They should just scrap the divas title completely.

Cody Rhodes defeated Randy Orton

This is a shocker of some sort. Cody Rhodes was getting beat up in this one, but Sheamus interrupted the match for a second, and Orton got hit with Crossroads and lost cleanly. Not a great match, but it was interesting to see Rhodes get a win over Orton, that’s for sure.

John Cena came out and buried Ted Dibiase Jr. There was no major match or anything he just beat the crap out of Dibiase and that was it. Then he cut a promo against Batista and how he wants to fight him tonight. Vince McMahon came down at Cena’s request and McMahon cut a promo.

John Cena said that Bret Hart wants a match at wrestlemania with Vince McMahon! McMahon says YES! John Cena walked away though. McMahon said yes and then playd last weeks finale to Raw. Bret Hart came out of the crowd and was beating the crap out of a random guy, then beat the crap out of Vince McMahon, and wants a shot at Mcmahon!

McMahon then said he didn’t want Bret at Wrestlemania, and ran away like a chump.

Hart then started to dismantle the Raw set!

Final Thoughts

This raw had some good wrestling. Not a lot of it, but it had some good stuff towards the middle of the show. I was hoping the Straightedge society would capture the gold, but that’s ok.

Hart and McMahon to happen at wrestlemania? I SAY YES!

That’s all. I won’t have a Superstars review because I lost my satellite free promotion. So now I have to settle for the regular shows…it was good for a week.

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  2. I wasn't that much into the matches except for the tag team match. I was rooting for Punk and Gallows to win this one but i guess Miz and Show aren't that bad.

    The last segment was nice, but the crowd was kind of ... too quiet. Maybe it's just me.



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