Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another End or Hiatus

 At the moment, I do not make any money from this site.

No one clicked links, no one bought stuff from amazon.

So I will not be posting anything for a while. 

I am 100% freelance and a writer and cannot maintain the schedule that this site needs. I don't have cable and rely on hulu and youtube, and just don't want to spend my life on this site without getting any compensation. 

I might return, later....just not right now. 

It's been fun, I'll see you guys around if I get a new job or paid more. 


  1. You don't need to prove crap to no one dude. The only thing I can tell you is that your blog should be extension of you and your knowledge. I've been blessed by experience to get a fan base not only on blogger, but also on other forums as well. Trust me, I post quite infrequently with a full time job and still get an audience. I hope you read this and perhaps pump out an inspired piece every now and then as opposed to burnout on "going through the motions".

  2. Thanks, I needed that. I'm back.



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