Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Official WWF 1991 Hasbro Million Dollar Man MINT

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If you’re looking to collect action figures from Hasbro WWF, then you are going to be delighted with what I found in mint condition on amazon today. This is a rare, official WWF 1991 Hasbro Million Dollar Man on card, with the Million Dollar belt. This is a coveted item that you’re not going to find in stores and will have to battle it out on ebay to try and get in this condition. This can be yours for a low price and can even be bundled with other Hasbro figures that are being offered on the site with free shipping.

If you are trying to collect every WWF Hasbro action figure, than you will want to check out the many different options that are available on here. You will find every single rare option and many in mint condition, on the card, without any damage and without having to deal with the auction format that you have to deal with on eBay.

If you’re interested in seeing the selections on the web, check out amazon online here.

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