Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WWE Raw 1/7/13 Review

Instead of posting the results, which you already know, this blog will be an ongoing free form discussion on what I remember from Raw last night, and will not be discussing things I didn’t remember or enjoyed.

Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

I love how Cody Rhodes is younger than me and more successful. It’s an odd thing to realize but man, I’m old. The match was good, and it shows that the WWE can in fact still have a good overall tag team division, but with only a handful of teams being pushed constantly, I don’t think that there needs to be tag titles any longer. They need to introduce way more tag teams or else this is all for not.

Ziggler vs. John Cena

John Cena is a beast, and he sure can wrestle. When he is put in the ring with someone good like Ziggler, Cena shines. He brings a better game than he brought against the Rock last year and it’s evidenced by this great overall Raw match. I didn’t like the ending, as I do not believe Cena needs the win here. Ziggler needed the win with his new bodyguard to further cement that he is going to get a title run with the help of the bodyguard, who then turns on him at the moment he wants to go for the title himself.

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Cm Punk vs Rybak in a TLC Match

Anyone who isn’t sold on Rybak needs to reexamine why they love professional wrestling. This match was balls out awesome, and everything that the two competitors did I was cheering for. I was split between the two guys, and I was cheering for Punk’s loss, but could see why Rybak wasn’t going to get the belt. I haven’t seen a stiff competitor for the crown like this in a while so I’m glad this match happened.

I could see Rybak forcing the pin fall at Rumble to go to the Rock or even the Shield screwing Rock over, but for all intents and purposes CM Punk vs Rybak stole the show for me.

Punk and Rock talking a lot

This bored me. I don’t care. This reminded me of the south park parody about wrestling where they just talk and barely wrestled. Lame. The Rock was never my favorite, and I still stand by my prediction, Taker vs Rock main event…right? Right? Anyone?

What are your thoughts? What did I miss? Drop me a line, comment, and PLEASE try the fish…I mean go to Amazon.com and buy something. Writing is my only job and this is part of it. I get paid very little so please help support in any way you can!

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