Monday, January 7, 2013

The Rock to Wrestle Undertaker

 This is being posted hours before Raw goes live and I’m calling it right now. Forget Cm Punk, forget everyone else. There is one person that The Rock has yet to defeat at WrestleMania and the Undertaker has yet to take on one man that has eluded him until now and that’s THE ROCK!

The Rock doesn’t need the title, he doesn’t need to wrestle John Cena, and he doesn’t need to feud with CM Punk, he needs the Undertaker, or rather The Undertaker needs him! Imagine the dead man versus the Rock at Mania?

That’s the way that Undertaker can solidify his overblown and over rated streak.

That’s right, I said it’s overrated.

I have no basis for this, but I would much rather see Undertaker wrestle The Rock than anyone else, except for STING! 

If I am write, make sure you tell all the smart wrestling fans, all the smarks, and everyone podcasting that I, sir Jorge stated this first! 

If I'm wrong, oh well. 

Oh yeah, and I'M BACK! 

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