Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monday Night Raw Review 1/19/2015 The Brock Lesnar Show

Way to Put Over The new Guys. SRC
Brock Lesnar is one of the highlights that I remember about Raw this past week. I forget to write my thoughts down earlier in the week because I’m an idiot. I recall Lesnar coming down and causing a great deal of havoc, but most importantly calling people out. Rollins better get beaten down, Cena of course is going to get taken out. I’m guessing a Lesnar win with a Rollins cash in, but that’s what everyone is saying right now. Could the beast take on both these idiots and actually win? I hope something happens.

Sting showed up. Sting is cool and all, but I haven’t seen him wrestle in a while, and he’s closer to 60 than he is any other age at this point. Triple H vs Sting at mania? I would see it, it could happen, who knows how well it may work out. Sting’s presence got the crowd to go insane.

Daniel Bryan looks weak. He fought a good fight, but every time I see him wrestle I cringe.

The old guys beating up the ascension was definitely terrible. I didn’t like the notion of burying the young guys with all the older guys, but that’s just my take on it.

Ric Flair is amazing on the mic, even when getting knocked out, it’s awesome.

Roman Reigns sucks. Big Show sucks.

Who will win the Rumble?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say, BRAY WYATT.

I miss Raven’s flock. I’m done for now, I’ll see about reviewing or discussing, ranting, or raving about Smackdown. I don’t know.

Overall, Raw wasn’t a great show, and most people will agree. I can’t wait for the Rumble, however, as we’ll finally get a good deal of wrestling. I wish I could be there live, but you know, money and what not.


  1. RE: Stephanie McMahon...maybe a "What Not To Wear" episode is in order?

  2. I think we need to give Roman Reigns some time to develop...let's not throw in the towel already. He has the looks and the athletic talent...needs to work on his personality and acting skills though.



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