Monday, July 16, 2007

Kennedy Shoots On Mero?

In a great response to the recent coverage of the Benoit tragedy Ken Kennedy & Eric Bischoff had some great exchange of words on the internet. Not aimed at each other, but along the lines of what I was thinking about.

The Hitman also said something in the CNN interview that was amazing.

First and foremost: Kennedy talks about how all these wrestlers from yesteryear are coming out on television as "experts" but yet they haven't been in the WWE since they instituted the new drug testing policies after the death of Eddie Guerrero.

Johnny B. Badd is NOT an expert! Neither is Steve Blackman at this point, and neither are a lot of other guys that are talking on national news channels. It's stupid.

They are just seeking another 10 minutes of mention on television.

It's stupid.

Hitman answered, "I don't know, ask John Cena on that one", after Larry King asked Hart if the WWE did drug testing.

Now that's smart. Hart wasn't in WWE for the last few years so he forwarded the question to the WWE Champion John Cena!

That's smart.

Mero and others, just aren't.

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