Thursday, July 19, 2007

WWE 24/7 Continues NOT Blurring WWF Logo

This morning while watching another edition of "Shorties" on WWE 24/7, I noticed that during the match up none of the WWF logos were blurred at all!

The match up was from Monday Night Raw 1 week before the big Summerslam: Hart & Soul PPV.

Bret Hart, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog vs. Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, & Dude Love battled it out in a Flag Match from Canada. The match was solid and lasted about 19 minutes with action going back and forth.

The win came when Brian Pillman came from under the ring and hit Taker with a low blow costing the American's the match and allowing the Hart Foundation to take a win.

The blurs were not there, and even on the left hand side of the screen there was no blur on the old school WWF logo.

Apparently I'm the only wrestling fan that is catching this sort of thing because I don't see anyone else reporting it. It's funny because some of the big sites that offer news don't even have WWE 24/7 and are to busy chasing rumors and posting spoilers to even watch it.

That's not the case with your pal Sir Jorge. I watch, read, write, and distribute non stop even if I do have a wife and a 40 hour a week job. I guess I'm a true fan through and through.

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  1. They don't have to blur the old logo. They only have to blur the "scratch" Attitude era logo. That's why no one has picked up on it. The WWE and the World Wildlife Fund had an agreement in place w/ regards to the old logo and the Wildlife Fund sued after the logo changed.

  2. I also saw matches from the attitude era with the old logo in place and nothing blurred.

    I just didn't write about it.



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