Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Who Will Win The Royal Rumble 2016 - Predictions

I don’t have cable right now, and I don’t have Hulu right now. So what can I possibly do? I can only watch the WWE network, and that means that this weekend I will be seeing the 2016 Royal Rumble. With that in mind, I have to figure out who’s going to win. There’s a lot of options to go with, but since the WWE didn’t announce every one that will be in the rumble, I’m going to have to pick a top contender. Who will win the Royal Rumble?

I have narrowed it down to 2 people, and that’s going to shock absolutely NO ONE, since no one reads my crap. I mean, I have been writing since 2007 and yet I can’t even get picked up to write for Nodq.com. Nope. They picked up some millennial idiots. Who cares. Here are my 2 picks.

Learn To Love It, This Guy Is Going To Last Longer Than All Others, Even If It Kills Him 

Roman Reigns

I don’t hate the guy, but it seems that the WWE wants to push this guy no matter what anyone says. So I see him not only lasting until the end, but also getting a beating on the way. He’s going to get taken out and possibly knocked out of the ring, and on the floor until the end. I don’t see him losing this match.

Bork Lazer, best Hair Cut in The WWE Right Now 

Brock Lesnar

It makes sense. Give the title to Lesnar, have him sit on a throne. Then have Triple H fight roman Reigns and if he wins, he’ll get his Wrestlemania title shot. It’s simple booking.

What about the wild cards? There are 3 Wild Cards that I can think of, and they are:

AJ Styles will come in, and get thrown out after JBL and Cole Bury Him For Being A "Minor League" guy


That’s right, AJ Styles enters the arena, the crowd goes nuts. He hits 3 moves, and then this happens:

“Aj Styles gets tossed out of the ring, moments after making his WWE debut.” – Michael Cole

“Welcome to the big leagues son!” – JBL

This Should Be The Feel Good Moment of 2016's Royal Rumble

Daniel Bryan!

I don’t know. WWE clear the guy! I’m sure they’ve kept it a secret, or perhaps they are doing something big. Expect the unexpected…oh wait, it’s 2016, just sit back and enjoy the event.

Quick note, main image SRC is http://whatculture.com/ a better site than mine. 

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