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WWE Smackdown Live June 26, 2018 Results and Review Where Is Andrade?

The Young Upstart Kane Finally Gets A Shot At The Main Roster - SRC WWE 
Why would the WWE keep bringing up talent only for them to not get featured on the show? I’m talking about Andrade Cien Almas, and of course Tye Dillinger, the perfect 10. I guess they just don’t want to showcase these guys? Send them back to NXT then! Geez. Oh yeah, we had Smackdown this week, let’s talk about that for a moment.

WWE Smackdown Live June 26, 2018 Results and Review

Today we start with pure wrestling! No. I kid. We started with Miz TV! More talking! This ended with a challenge as Daniel Bryan came out and talked, which was boring. I don’t want to see more talking, but hey that’s what you get with WWE these days. The promo worked and we got a match for later that will feature Daniel Bryan and one of the Bludgeon Brothers. The Miz escaped a beat down here.

Rusev defeated Xavier Woods

This was your standard television match, nothing too complicated about it. You had a feeling that Rusev was going to win, since it was Rusev day. The match was nothing to write home about, and here I am writing about it, aren’t I? Well, the whole match was good overall, and it definitely had some good points, with Rusev eventually countering Woods here and there and hitting the accolade, making Woods tap fast. Rusev then cut a promo. Not a bad way to start the show, well second on the show, but I could use less talking from Rusev, and more wrestling from Aj Styles.

Apparently the cast of Glow was there to say what’s up to Lana and Naomi. Cool, I guess. I didn’t think all of the starts were there, but maybe there’s all new women? I don’t know.

Jeff Hardy defeated Eric Young by Disqualification

This was a match that was ok at best, but it really took off when the USOS showed up and dispatched Sanity as they were outside. This turned into a six man tag team match, and I was wondering where Teddy Long was to make this happen.

The Usos and Jeff Hardy defeated Sanity

Well well, the new team coming up from NXT gets beat down and loses to the established Smackdown stars. Why bring up starts to get them beat by established stars? I don’t get it. The match was fast paced, and it was really fun to see. The Usos and Jeff Hardy threw down their greatest hits, and it was fun to see, so I guess in terms of wrestling alone, this was great to watch and it was definitely worth your time if you haven’t seen it just yet.

Becky Lynch defeated Sonia Deville

I love Deville. She’s beautiful, and great. Lynch is also smoking hot, but the two together can also throw down. Lynch was able to throw down a great deal of back and forth hits. I liked this one, and it had a great deal of action. Lynch won with the Disarm-her and that was that. Good back and forth, and nice action for the women.

James Ellsworth Cut A Promo

This was a great promo, and Ellsworth is great on the mic. Paige came out and said that Carmella has to fight Asuka. He called out Asuka. But Paige said Asuka wasn’t there etc. Next week Ellsworth will fight Ellsworth next week, and that’s that.

Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper via DQ

This wasn’t a great match, but it was adequate for me. It had a good back and forth at first glance, and of course it had Daniel Bryan chopping down Harper for the most part. When it looked like he was going to win, Rowan jumped in to stop things, and that caused the DQ. Kane then showed up and we had a reunion of Team Hell NO, and that was that. Kane, folks, the young upstart KANE is back, instead of Andrade Cien Almas instead of Tye Dillinger, instead of anyone else that they called up, it was that young upstart KANE.

Smackdown was ok, the WWE packed in a few things, but it’s really stupid that this is the conclusion of certain things. There’s a lot to be desired, and honestly, this is a B show for me.

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