Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ECW 12/2/08 Results and Review

It’s about time we got a good ECW.

Jack Swagger defeated Ricky Ortiz

Swagger and Ortiz, two undefeated wrestlers went at it, and this was a surprise. I wasn’t sure who was going to win this one, but it was interesting to see that the wwe finally puts something interesting on television that doesn’t involve old people. Ricky Ortiz had this match up sewn up well, but out of the blue Jack Swagger hit his move and BOOOM! Ricky Ortiz is no longer undefeated! Swagger wins again! Jack Swagger is impressive now, I’m sorry, he’s just doing too well. Kid could go far if he loses that lisp.

Matt Hardy defeated MVP

The main event had a good build up that was carrying over from smackdown. MVP has been on a losing streak for a long time and this match was suppose to be his redemption. MVP was looking desperate out there, and he was doing anything he could to wear down the ecw champion. Matt Hardy and MVP went back and forth in this one several times and it looked like MVP was on the road to victory, but it just didn’t happen. MVP fell to the side effect from Matt Hardy and this was all over. MVP loses again, and some might argue that he’s on his way out.

Ecw 12/2/08 results

Jack Swagger defeated Ricky Ortiz
Matt Hardy defeated MVP

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