Thursday, December 25, 2008

TNA Impact 12/25/08 Results and Review Christmas Edition

I can’t believe TNA Impact ran a show on Christmas. This might be the worst move that TNA has done in a long time, but whatever, here is a review and results for TNA’S Christmas Day show.

Chris Sabin defeated Kiyoshi

This match was ok at best, Sabin pulled out quite the victory over Kiyoshi, who reminds me a lot of the Great Muta. This match was not as good as the debut we saw last week, but Sabin held his own and won the match with the Cradleshock.

Post match Shane the ref was getting punked out by Sheik Abdul Bashir, only to prompt Suicide to come down into the ring and change things up.

Eric Young vs. Alex Shelley

It was an hour into the show when this second match started. This match began in the backstage area where Shelley was talking smack about Eric Young and the two ended up fighting into the ring, and I’m not sure what happened. I guess this wasn’t the match? It was just a brawl for no reason? That means that TNA only had one match in 1 hour! What a piece of crap wrestling show, this is the worst thing that could ever happen in regards to wrestling, what a piece of trash. This made me mad.

Booker T & Scott Steiner vs. Aj Styles & Brother Devon (no contest)

This match started at around 10:05 according to my clock and I was getting fed up with tna altogether. I wasn’t interested in this match up at all, but I always enjoy Aj Styles, so I gave it a chance. This match was dominated by the frontline, each one giving some tough shots to Steiner. Steiner however did have some excellent suplexes, but overall this match started out one sided and eventually evened out with the main event mafia taking over midway. After the commercial break the announce team informs us that this match is now a no contest because the four men have now spilled to outside the ring and into the crowd and parking lot! This broke out into a huge brawl back into the ring, and even prompted Mick Foley to come out and get physically involved! That’s right, Foley was in there and out came Socko! That’s right, Foley was out there beating the hell out of the main event mafia, insane indeed.

ODB, Roxxy, Christy Hemme, and Taylor Wilde defeated Raisha Saeed, Sojourner Bolt, Awesome Kong, and Rhaka Khan

The women of tna dressed in their most festive outfits fought each other in a tag team match up that featured all the women in the ring at the same time. This match really lost control fast and the ref had a hard time controlling the action, but it was alright, because the hard camera stayed in position and you saw the better parts of this match up. Eventually things spilled out to the outside of the ring and there was a great high spot from Taylor Wilde, creating an awesome reaction and great position for the knockouts to prove yet again that they are ten times better than the wwe divas! The match came down to Taylor Wilde scoring the pin for her team and once again proving that the TNA knockouts are 100 billion times better than anything that wwe is doing right now with their women’s division.

Kurt Angle vs. Rhino (No Contest)

This was a rematch from the ppv, which makes me want to never ever get another TNA ppv in my lifetime. Seriously, how many times are wrestling companies going to give us these matches free, after the fact? This is stupid. Anyways, this match up was standard to say the least. Angle really was lazy out there, focusing more on trying to antagonize Jeff Jarrett, whom was out at ringside, including spitting in his face! Kurt Angle was trying to draw as much heat as he could, meanwhile Rhino was chasing the former champ to try and get this match over with. If you’ve seen one Kurt Angle match you’ve seen them all, as this match really didn’t poise a lot of new combat for either wrestler involved. This match was interesting to me on many levels, but mostly because I had nothing better to do on my Christmas night, as I had to work in the morning and it doesn’t matter to me if I’m tired the next day. Kurt Angle got the ankle lock submission late in the match, in the middle of the ring, and things looked bad but Angle was sent to the floor right by Double J, and this caused Angle to slap Jeff Jarrett!

This match was thrown out as Jeff Jarrett interfered and attacked Kurt Angle. The backstage area cleared out and the two were separated. This was ok for all intents and purposes but I wasn’t truly convinced. BG James was sucker punched by Angle at the end, and it was all over. I’m tired.

TNA Impact 12/25/08 Results

Chris Sabin defeated Kiyoshi
Eric Young vs. Alex Shelley (non match, brawl)
Booker T & Scott Steiner vs. Aj Styles & Brother Devon (no contest)
ODB, Roxxy, Christy Hemme, and Taylor Wilde defeated Raisha Saeed, Sojourner Bolt, Awesome Kong, and Rhaka Khan
Kurt Angle vs. Rhino (No Contest)

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