Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ECW 12/30/08 Results and Review

The show opens up with the Miz and Morrison with the Dirt Sheet. I admit, I like the dirt sheet, whenever I’m not dead tired. It is interesting to me that ECW opened this way, because it wasn’t wrestling related at all. It’s lame, seriously, this is stupid. The dirt sheet prompted Finlay and Hornswoggle to come to come out and defend himself, which was lame. This ended in a brawl and The Boogeyman showed up.

Matt Hardy defeated Mark Henry via Disqualification

I am almost sure that we’ve seen this match several times this year. I just know that we’ve seen this match more often than not. It’s interesting to note that the ECW show had this match second to the Dirth Sheet, which is odd, right? I don’t know, it just seems weird to me again, to have the last ECW show seem a little less than “kosher” if I can use that term. This match got better with time, it started out with a lot of rest holds from Mark Henry, but eventually had Matt Hardy putting on a show with all his popular moves, invigorating the crowd to get involved into the match. Henry managed to still kick out left and right, and even Tony Atlas got involved to no avail. The Twist of fate looked like it was going to connect, but Jack Swagger came into the ring and dropped Hardy, Costing Mark Henry the match!

Dj Gabriel defeated Paul Burchill

Dj Gabriel is the incarnation of Alex Wright. That’s right, it’s a new Alex Wright looking dude. Well, imagine if Tokyo magnum, Alex Wright and the disco Inferno had a love childe, you would get Dj Gabriel. This match up isn’t all that great at all. Gabriel is ok but Burchill hasn’t been relevant in a long time. I don’t like him in this weird gimmick he has. I liked him better as Pirate Paul Burchill. Katie Lee is kind of attractive, but not enough camera time was given to her. This was a rest hold classic, nothing major until the end which showed a little life from Dj. There was a picture perfect catapult into the turnbuckle, but that only prompted a huge lariat from Burchill. In the end though Dj proved to be too much for the former Pirate, and it was an all night dance party for Dj Gabriel and his manager.

The Miz and Morrison defeated Finlay & The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman and Finlay put together an interesting match against the tag champions, but overall this was shorter than it should have been. It was suppose to be a NO Disqualification match, but nothing crazy happened. The winners were Miz and Morrison yet again, but this match was lame. Boogeyman looked like he was going to win this one, and it just didn’t happen, Miz and Morrison get another win.

As a bonus, here’s a video of classic Alex Wright

ECW 12/30/08 Results

Matt Hardy defeated Mark Henry via Disqualification
Dj Gabriel defeated Paul Burchill
The Miz and Morrison defeated Finlay & The Boogeyman

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