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WWE No Way Out 2009 Results and Review Elimination Chambers

This month’s ppv was all hype and really debatable delivery. I opted NOT to go see it live even though it was in my home town. I just ordered the ppv, it would’ve been cheaper that way for me. So tonight, here is how it all went down!

Up first was the Smackdown main event, which was odd. I didn’t know that they would have the first chamber match up at the beginning, but apparently it is so.

Triple H defeated Edge, Kozlov, Jeff Hardy, and The Big show in a WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Edge started the match with Jeff Hardy. Hardy started fast and furious, getting the better of Edge, initiating the quick start that a ppv really should have. Jeff Hardy was quick, so quick that Edge got caught up in a school boy pin, and was eliminated! That’s right, Edge was eliminated immediately, and this promises that we will see an all new CHAMPION! That’s right, EDGE is eliminated early in the first elimination chamber match up.

Kozlov was the next guy in against Jeff Hardy. Kozlov immediately disabled a much tired Jeff Hardy. Hardy was obviously fatigued and was losing this one thanks to the Russian brawler. Hardy managed to turn the tables within the five minutes, and then out came The Big Show! That’s right, The Big Show came out and started to stomp the tired competitors out easily. He was throwing around Hardy like a ragdoll! Kozlov and Big Show was the best part of the middle of the match up. Kozlov was fighting Big show and showing that he had some chops. Triple H was the next guy in and started cleaning house right away. Things really picked up as a fresh Triple H was hitting everyone that was moving. Hardy was knocked out cold, and Triple H was on a road to winning by dropping everyone in the ring, and as Hardy tried to get in the mix he got a huge Lariat for his troubles. Undertaker came in shortly after this, and started to clear things up completely. He was killing it in there, and eventually dropped Kozlov off for the last ride and he was eliminated. Big Show took advantage after this and was taking out everyone. Jeff Hardy climbed to the top of one of the pods, and fell onto Big Show with a swanton, and Triple H pulled a cover out of it!

The final three were Undertaker, Jeff Hardy and Triple H!

I thought Jeff Hardy had this sewn up, but after a bad landing onto the Game who was on he outside, Undertaker delivered a monstrous Tombstone Piledriver to eliminate Hardy. The final two were The Undertaker and Triple H! I had money on Taker…just so you know. The two started off fast, and this was definitely a good bout. The Game had the early upper hand, but things spilled out onto the ramp, and then Triple H looked like he was going down with a HUGE Tombstone, but somehow, somehow he landed one leg on the ropes! That’s right, he got hit with a HUGE Tombstone, and I thought it was all over, but no…one foot on the rope stopped this thing. Moments later the Pedigree got hit! The Pedigree knocked out Taker but didn’t keep him down for the three count! Triple H then got a third or fourth wind, and after yet another Pedigree, Undertaker was pinned and our new champion is Triple H. That’s right, Triple H wins!

Randy Orton defeated Shane McMahon

The second match of the night was the Randy Orton Shane McMahon grudge match. Shane started things out fast, having Randy have to come back fast. The shots were not average, as Shane was working really stiff here. Shane McMahon had things going for him well with Randy Orton busted wide open, and McMahon getting ready to launch off the top rope. Legacy ran down and helped Orton, but it back fired quickly with Shane making a comeback. He climbed the third rope then flew for a huge elbow drop, but Orton moved and Shane McMahon took a huge bump trough the announce table! Later on in the match up, Randy Orton delivered a huge SuperPlex from the third rope through a table! That’s right, HUGE right through the table, breaking Shane in half. Still no pinfall though; McMahon got a second wind and started to hit Orton with a steel chair, and was set to punt the crap out of Orton’s head! He got a running start and ran straight into an RKO! Randy Orton then pinned McMahon and it was over. Hopefully we’ll see Vince take on Randy at Wrestlemania to get the ultimate revenge!

Jack Swagger defeated Finlay

This was a mil match up. It was very boring to say the least. It wasn’t all that great at all. It was a ground level technical match up, nothing too crazy here, which sucked the life out of the crowd. Swagger worked really hard though, and barely got out alive as Finlay had this sewn up with the Rolling Hills set up, but after a counter Swagger pinned Finlay and it was all over.

Shawn Michaels defeated JBL

JBL was in full charge over Shawn Michaels. HBK was getting really worked overall in this match up. Shawn was thrown outside the ring several times, and then his wife slapped JBL! A second wind got under the sails of HBK for the second half of this match up and he was looking like the old HBK! He was on fire and he was getting in good in this match up. He eventually hit sweet chin music and won! This match was formulaic and really lame. It wasn’t that great…trust me. HBK wins and this feud is hopefully over.

Edge defeated Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio Jr, Mike Knox, Kane, and John Cena

Kofi Kingston was suppose to be in this match up, but Edge ran down and knocked out Kofi Kingston! That’s right, Kofi Kingston was knocked out cold and Edge put himself into the World Championship Match Up!

Rey Mysterio and Jericho started things off in this match, and it wasn’t half bad. The two work well together, and things picked up greatly when Kane jumped in! Kane really pushed things once inside and was fresh, knocking around both Jericho and Rey Mysterio. Rey as climbing all over the cage and jumping some huge drops to hit people; that being said, he eliminated Kane! That’s right, Kane was eliminated by Rey Mysterio after a huge nearly twenty foot plunge of a seated senton! Nice work indeed, that’s for sure. The next person in was Mike Knox and he immediately went to work on Rey Mysterio. He nearly knocked him out right from the start, and then isolated him and Jericho. Chris Jericho randomly hit the code breaker on Mike Knox and eliminated him! That’s right, Jericho eliminated Mike Knox, and it left Mysterio and Jericho alone with Cena and Edge in the pods! After a few moments all participants were in! John Cena was hit with the Code Breaker, The 619, and a spear by edge, and was pinned! Cena is out, promising a new champion later on! Mysterio reversed The Walls of Jericho into a pin, and eliminated Chris Jericho! Edge and Rey Mysterio were the final two competitors in this match up! Rey Mysterio was trying everything to stay in this match including a reversed 619 to edge, some amazing results overall, but Edge somehow knocked out Rey Mysterio, and won via pinfall! That’s right, EDGE won the Raw side of things!

WWE No Way Out 2009 Results

Triple H defeated Edge, Kozlov, Jeff Hardy, and The Big show in a WWE Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Randy Orton defeated Shane McMahon
Jack Swagger defeated Finlay
Shawn Michaels defeated JBL
Edge defeated Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio Jr, Mike Knox, Kane, and John Cena in a WWE Championship elimination chamber match

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