Saturday, February 21, 2009

WCW Sting & The Great Muta vs The Steiner Brothers 1992 Japan Video

Here is something for you guys, on a Saturday! If you're a big fan of Sting now, you should really check this classic match up from 1992. It is The Great Muta teaming up with Sting to fight off The Steiner Brothers in Japan! This match is insane, you don't see this kind of great wrestling in the wwe right now.

I spent a lot of time tracking down these videos when I was younger. Before youtube you had to really work to get these on vhs, but now you can see them online and via dvd from various sorts of places.

So without further ado, here it is:

Sting & The Great Muta vs. Scott & Rick Steiner "The Steiner Brothers" from 1992
Live in Japan
World Championship Wrestling

and for the conclusion, here is Part 2:

So there you have it, a little piece of Wrestling history. Stick around this site for another classic clip tomorrow, and reviews of WWE Monday Night Raw, ECW on Sci Fi, Tna Impact, and of course Friday Night Smackdown!

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