Friday, February 13, 2009

Tna Impact 2/11/09 Results and Review Post Against All Odds

Team 3D defeated Sting & Kurt Angle

This was essentially what we saw at the ppv match up this past weekend. Only this time it wasn’t for the TNA heavyweight championship. Mid way through this match Kurt Angle and Sting started shoving each other. Then Kurt Angle refused to tag in Sting. Sting had to try and wrestle Team 3-D by himself. Kurt Angle was forced into the match and Team 3-D rolled him up for the win. Team 3-D wins.

Kurt Angle and Sting started fighting each other, and the rest of the Main Event Mafia came in and broke it up. Kurt angle then gets on the mic and starts running his mouth, about how he was suppose to win the title at Against All Odds. Jeff Jarrett comes out nd starts yelling at Kurt. Kurt Angle claims that Sting will lay down for him later on tonight.

TNA is trying to be WCW 2000. This same storyline happened back then.

Aj Styles and Booker T Brawled backstage in a terrible locker room fight. Remember when Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan had that huge blow out at Saturday Night’s Main Event? Now that was a locker room brawl.

Scott Steiner defeated Petey William in a head dress on a pole match

I hate matches that involve something on a pole. We saw this match on PPV this Sunday, and it wasn’t that great then either. This time there is a head dress on a pole, and is really looking stupid to m. Steiner basically controlled this match up completely. Williams gets a few shots in towards the middle of the match up. Steiner looked like he might lose, but nope, Petey Williams get beat when Steiner gives Williams a nice back suplex off the middle rope.

Sojourner Bolt won a knockouts gauntlet

I don’t like the way that TNA does gauntlet matches. This match was essentially a battle royal after a while. This match was interesting for a few moments, but over all it was sub standard. The knockouts are good, but they can’t carry this type of match, at least not for me. I guess it doesn’t help that I had to take a dump during the match. Sojourner Bolt wins and gets a shot at the knockout titles.

Then my dvr crapped out on me. Seriously, the dvr took a dump and I couldn’t watch the rest of the show.

It was getting good though.

Tna Impact 2/12/09 Results

Team 3D defeated Sting & Kurt Angle
Scott Steiner defeated Petey William in a head dress on a pole match
Sojourner Bolt won a knockouts gauntlet
Lethal Consequences defeated Motor City Machine Guns
Beer Money defeated Rhino & Abyss
Sting vs. Kurt Angle no contest

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