Thursday, February 5, 2009

ECW Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Lee Scaffold Match

I give Tommy Dreamer a lot of crap on this site. It's true, Tommy Dreamer is not the greatest professional wrestler on the ECW roster anymore. However, rewind a few years, many years not just a few and you begin to see a different side of Tommy Dreamer. For instance, did you know that Tommy Dreamer and Brian Lee fought in a crazy match called a Scaffold Match?

Now the Scaffold Match is nothing new. Jim Cornette blew out both his knees in the 80's during a scaffold Match and in XPW someone nearly died when he fell a few stories onto the ring ropes and straight into the ambulance.

So without further ado, here I present for you a little way to honor Tommy Dreamer and his accomplishments by showing him fighting Brian Lee in a Scaffold Match.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee from the ECW Arena (Viking Hall) mid 90's for sure.

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