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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/18/09 Results and Review The Punk Era


Oh yeah, here is another note. The main note is this: I am moving. With my move comes NO cable for a few months. That’s right, I’m moving and I had to shut off the cable for now. I don’t have a lot of money and NO ONE is buying anything so I had to cut my cable. It sucks.

That’s why there wasn’t any updates this week. Next week I’ll try hulu or something or if you know what I should do, let me know.

Otherwise I’ll have just the results and some subtle commentaries, so that’s about it. I’m sorry folks, but I can’t afford cable. Maybe in my new place I can.

Oh and I am not sure if you guys remember but I lose my job too. So I have no job, unemployment has yet to come in and I’m moving out of the state. Yeah, so if I’m slow, please stick around and bare with me, I’m trying really hard to keep this going in these troublesome times for me personally.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/18/09 Results

John Morrison defeated Mike Knox
Melina defeated Michelle McCool
The Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme
R Truth vs Charlie Haas No Contest
Batista defeated Chris Jericho

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/18/09 Review

Batista opened up the show, it’s been a while since we’ve seen this guy, that’s for sure. I heard he was on Raw, but I didn’t see raw…as I mentioned above. Batista wasn’t really finished with his little speech before Chris Jericho came out to interrupt him. Jericho just mouthed off as he usually does and he dropped Jericho with a spine buster and walked away. Apparently there is a match scheduled for later tonight.

John Morrison defeated Mike Knox

Overall this match was starting out ok. Mike Knox was definitely a lot slower than John Morrison and it proved to be something that the camera and editing couldn’t hide. As Knox was thrown over the top rope at half speed, I started to yawn. Knox is a terrible big man, and I’m not sure why they keep doing this to us, but whatever, Knox was getting pummeled with ease by Morrison at the break. Of course when we came back from the break Knox was all over Morrison, and we get to see a head lock. Things turned around and Morrison just kept getting better, proving that life is better than ever when Starship Pain was hit! Overall Knox sucked out there and seeing Morrison win wasn’t half bad, that’s for sure.

Melina defeated Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool looked obviously injured. She was half speed most of the time and Melina was lightly going for contact in a lot of different ways. This match was just boring to me, these two can’t wrestle that well. I got bored, you were most likely bored too.

After Teddy Long’s speech, things got terrible…he got into a limo and The Undertaker locked him, rolling down the window and saying…”buckle up Teddy” and moved on.


This is the SAME THING THAT HAPPENED EARLIER IN WWF HISTORY! Remember, “BUCKLE UP STEPHANIE!” son of a….wwe really just punched us fans in the nuts, face it.

Punk’s speech was rad…”If you’re not Straightedge Like ME, I’m Better Than You” YES! That’s what a heel needs to be.

The Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme

This match bored me. I haven’t been a fan of the Hart dynasty lately, I’m just not too keen on them. They have talent but without a solid feud, they are just boring to me. Cryme Tyme is ok, but I don’t know…I just had a hard time getting into this match up. This match didn’t get the Canadians going as they fell dead to this suck fest…and yes this match sucked so bad, don’t try to hide it. This match got over well towards the end, Tyson Kidd hit the something or other and that was that. This match bored me.

The Great Khali defeated Kane via dq

Kane hit Khali with a chair, and then beat up the big man more. That’s about it, nothing to see here…I got bored again. Man, Smackdown is going down the toilet so far tonight.

The new R Truth feud is PERFECT! That’s how all feuds should be, just cheap shots after cheap shots.

R Truth vs Charlie Haas No Contest

Charlie Haas is still employed? What in the world? What’s going on here? Truth never came out, his rival came out…way to pull the bait and switch.

Batista defeated Chris Jericho

If you like rest holds, you thought this match was five stars. This match sucked, I don’t know what it was, but the two just didn’t put on a great match here. Jericho tried to make it look good, but man, Batista has some major timing issues, He has ring rust, it’s obvious in this match up. This thing got a little exciting towards the end, but the damage was already done to the senses...this thing was a disaster.Batista won after a batista bomb, as he caught the codebreaker mid air and it was done. I liked how it ended, but man...not that great to me.

smackdown took a fall.

Oh and here is that i didn't get the quote right, but come on...

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